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Each year I share the biggest lessons I learned, for 2021 there are 6 big lessons! 

Plus, why are resolutions stupid and why are they helpful? Define them for yourself and follow this one simple rule to make sure you hit your goals.

And more!

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Today is a Fitness with Friends, Kristina is here to share her decade long journey to being fit, healthy and learning balance with nutrition. 

The big change that helped... social media. Listen in to learn how Instagram improved her workouts and consistency.

What's the best gift you've ever gotten? 

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WIth New Years around the corner, it's important to talk about setting healthy, resonable resolutions.

Today, I'll cover 6 common mistakes people make when setting resolutions and how to avoid them.

Plus, what's the latest gut health update?

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Sleep: Do you get enough? Is it quality sleep? How can you optimize for better sleep and rest? What happens if you get up during the night and can't fall back asleep?

We cover it all in today's Fit Friday with sleep coach, Kelly O'brien from Proper. and use code FITW10 for 10% off

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New Years is around the corner and I've heard a lot of judgy comments from influencers about weight loss, diet, and body image. 

Let's talk about it. Is it okay to want to change your body and make resolutions focusing on accomplishing that? 

Plus the Kiawah Half Marathon recap! 

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I LOVED talking with Alex so much.

It was like having coffee with a friend as we talked about her transformative journey from collegiate gymnast to Crossfit games athlete to olympic weight lifter to rehabbing injuries and implants.

Listen in and if you enjoyed the episode connect with Alex at:

She was so real, honest, and made the convo flow easily. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! 

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Let's talk food today. Are you making any of these 8 common mistakes with nutrition? 

Don't worry. I'll cover what to do instead to help you create better food habits and a healthier food relationship. 

Plus, it's half marathon week! What does this week look like with food, fitness, and rest? 

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The number one question I get as a trainer from my clients is, "What weight do you think I should use for x,y,z?"

The truth is... I can't always tell you what weight you should use but I can give some guidelines to help you decide for yourself. 

For Fit Tip Friday, I'm sharing 6 factors to consider when choosing the weight(s) for your workouts. 

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The final 31 days of 2021 are here. What are you going to do with them? Will you use these days to finish the year strong or take time to rest and pick back up in the new year? 

Let's break it down. 

Plus, how should you plan your workouts? Weekly? Monthly? Daily? 

And finally, I'm sharing a true story of almost being hunted on my trail run this past weekend. Seriously. 


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