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Katie Uhran from joins me today to talk about creating a life that works for you. How to push fear aside and jump into opportunities, embrace change and do what you need to do to get where you want to get.

Katie just moved to Charleston and we've become fast friends... which I think from listening in you'll think we've been friends for way longer. Enjoy our chit chat and laughter. 

And discover the best of Charleston. We share a lot about this city we both love so much!

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Tina Muir, retired professional runner, opens up on what led her to lose her passion for the spot and how she made the decision to step back. Years of intense training has led Tina to lose her period.

We open up on our personal struggles and what's she is doing to gain balance and health for her body so she can begin the next journey of her life. This podcast is perfect for all women. We can all relate.

Get more at and head over to for show notes and training support. 

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Of all the podcast I have done, I don't think I've ever done one on creating a fitness business, let alone talked about being a female entrepreneur. But that's exactly what is happening today. 

Ashley Drummonds, creator of Abs Protein Pancakes, shares her story of being a personal trainer and working her butt off to deciding to spread her passion in a new way. By making pancakes. 

What's the process to create a company? What is the #1 piece of advice for someone thinking about starting their own business? What's the hardest part? The best resources? And more!

It was a privilege to talk with this woman and I think one of the most useful and inspiring podcast to date. Make sure to check out and head over to for show notes and more!

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This week I turn 33. Oh man, just yesterday I was turning 30 and now I'm IN my 30s. It's a rough one. But let's celebrate life and fitness. I'll share my latest and greatest finds, workouts, and tips. While also answer your questions. Like what's the best thing to use to help speed up weight loss? What about caffeine? And more!

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