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This episode is jam packed with good stuff and announcements.

The biggest being the new release of Micro Coaching! 4 week accelerated coaching program with me, 1-on-1! Only 10 spots open, get yours here:


The #1 most underrated style of strength training everyone should do but most don't. 

How do I communicate anxiety with my spouse? 

Dealing with intentional weight gain and how to not feel discouraged by slow results.

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Fitness finshers... what should they be and why most trainers and fitfluencers who think they're trainers are getting them all wrong. 

Pet peeve talk coming! 

Plus, let's continue the GPD (Great Panty Debate)... to wear underwear or not when you workout? Let's chat it out.

Happy friday! 

Monday, May 16th kicks off a new session with FWW Live. Join in the training fun by visiting and sign up for a free trial! 

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Want to partake in the next FWW Live session? It starts Monday May 16th! Head to to sign up for free and start getting stronger, faster, better! 

But that's not all! Let's talk feet and ankles. How to make them stronger and more mobile. This is so important and often neglected. Don't neglect your toesies! 

And let's change from being a perfectionist to being your best. This concept hit hard and hope it hits with you too! 

Remember to sign up for your FWW Live trial! 

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Fit Quickie Friday... a short episode to cover an important topic: Take time off. 

Do you ever take breaks from working out? Maybe, depending on your current workouts, you don't need to. Maybe this is your official prescription to take a few days off. 

Where do you fall? 

Plus, this is your invite to join me for the next session of FWW Live! Try it out for FREE starting today.

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I share a lot on this podcast including very personal successes and struggles. 

Today, I feel naked and I share my 38 year journey with anxiety. The pros, cons, effects and more. 

I hope you can relate to this and enjoy the show. If you do, please let me know. Feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram. We're all in this together and I love talking with you.

For more in Athletic Greens, visit and use code FWW for bonus goodies at check out! <-- Try me out! 

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Short, sweet but filled with the good stuff!

Like how to quickly get rid of love handles/muffin tops? How to do pistol squats? The song you have to listen to right now! AND... my secret love of pulling weeds.

What's a fun fact about you that people find unique?

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The 1st Bulldog Challenge in 3 years! This local 10k obstacle race has been a challenge I've done 4 times previously and had high hopes for its return this year.

Did it live up to the hype? What is it? How did my amazing team do? And more. 

Spoiler... it wasn't like the previous 4 times I've done this. Better? Worst? Listen and find out! 

Do you do OCRs? 

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It's race week for the Bulldog Challenge OCR. This 4 person team event has always been a blast but it's been since 2019 since the last race.

Here's what I'm doing this week to prepare for a great race day! If you have questions let me know 

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This interview was a dream come true! JJR is my favorite Cake Designer and host of the best YouTube show, You've Been Desserted. 

But baking cakes isn't his only passion. We talk fashion, Florence & The Machine, fitness and nutrition to create a well balanced life for happiness and health!


Let's Chat! code "FWW"

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Happy 402nd episode of the FWW Podcast! I can't believe we're still chugging along, chatting every week! And I wouldn't have it any other way. so thank you!

I didn't get to celebrate the 400th but it needed to be mentioned.

Also on the show:

- Is it okay for women to take creatine?
- What is the best scale for weight, body fat, etc?
- And what about lifting heavy on your period? Is it too much? 

Let's chat it out in 15 minutes. 

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Samantha Wilson breaks down hypnosis and breaks free of the stereotypes of magical spells and swinging pocket watches to share what hypnotherapy is and what it can do for women to break free of their mental barriers to come out stronger and more confident. 

This episode was so fun and the energy is contagious so get ready to get pumped.

Find out more about Babes Against Bullshit:

Tell me your thoughts! Let's connect: "FWW"

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How did I not realize this was going to be episode 400!? We'll have to celebrate on episode 401 for sure because there just wasn't time in the Fit Quickie (and I clearly forgot).

Today, let's spend 10 minutes talking about tracking your food when eating out. Do you need to? What's the most efficient way? Tricks for a balanced but enjoyable eating out experience... and more! 

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Today is my birthday... I'm 38 years young and celebrating by sharing the most valuable lessons learned over the past year.

But I always wanted to hear from you and what advice you would give your younger self. Listeners did not dissapoint. Listen for some words of encouragement, wisdom and self care!

Support the show and celebrate by birthday by supporting our sponsor: Athletic Greens at use "FWW" at checkout for free goodies! 

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What does it take to look like a fitness influencer or magazine fitness model? 

What does a fit body look like when you workout more days a week than you rest? 

Cellulite, stretch marks, muffins tops and more in this chat and more to come.

Let's connect! 
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What exercises should you be doing to strengthen your knees? How can you train to decrease knee pain? 

Let's talk it out for healthier knees and a stronger body! 

Plus what underwear is best for working out? And my honest answer for leaning out if you've had a history of disordered eating. Might not be what you want to hear. But it's what you might need to hear.

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Feeling like you putter out on workouts sooner than you'd like and want to be able to push harder, longer? 

Here's how to increase your engine to build more cardio, more intensity, and more power in your workouts! 

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Ever feel bad when life gets busy and you can't workout? How to handle it so you come back strong and healthy!

Plus, why you feel nauseous during workouts and how to avoid it. 

Plus more! 

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Today's quick tip is about pushing through workouts when things get tough!

Here's my secret to make workouts seem easier so you stay mentally strong and physically stronger! 

Plus the morning cocktail that makes my day! 

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My friend April joins the podcast today to share her 4 year adventure in Mexico and Guatemala with her husband and 2 boys.

What made them sell all their belongings and move south of the border? How much money did they save? How is life different? 

They're living the life many of us dream of and I can't wait for you to hear her story! 

Connect to April:

Let's chat: 


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Part of my job is to create training plans.

Part of my job is to workout live and coach others through the sessions.

Part of my workout is to help people live a painfree, more mobile life.

And part of my job is to inspire and motivate women to push themselves to better results.

That's the goal of this short episode. When is the last time you REALLY pushed yourself hard? Without fear or judgement? 

Listen in and give it a go. <- Try FWW Free!

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Is there a difference in the calories you burn with strength training versus cardio workouts? 

Which is best for weight loss? What about hiit? 

How many calories do you burn doing 30 minutes of each one? Let's break it all down!

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In any profession it's important to stay in your lane and know your strengths and weaknessess. But especially when what you do has the ability to help or harm people.

A listener asked how she should go about telling her gym's fitness instructor she's teaching kettlebell swings all wrong? Or should she say anything? 

Let's just say, you won't see me teaching olympic lifting anytime soon. I'll admit 100% that's not something I know anything about. 

But let's hear the full response! 

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Dr Jennifer Heisz runs the NeuroFit Lab at McMaster University where she studies the connection between the brain and fitness for physical and mental health.

This episode is loaded with interesting nuggets on serotonin, endocannibinoids, dopamine, and more... production driven by the workouts you do.

Which workouts are the best? How does fitness help and hurt stress? And so much more!

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Friday Fit Quickie! 

Exercise is about keeping a body strong and mobile. It goes beyond just lifting as heavy as possible. 

These moves are hugely beneficial at helping build strength, increase range of motion and increase mobility! 

Do you do them already? 

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February is American Heart Health Month. This is an important topic to me as heart disease runs in the fam as well as to millions of others. 

What can you do to keep your heart healthy and beating strong? What to avoid? What to look for? And more! 

Thank you to Dr. Kimberly Wright for hanging out today. Check her out at:

Let's connect: 

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Sweet and short Friday Fit Quickie talking about maintenance phase vs aiming to change something with your body... 

Whether that's weight loss or increased strength. Is it okay to be forever chasing body goals without taking a break? 

If you have been trying to lose weight forever... Or push the intensity in the gym focusing on progressive overload forever...

You need to listen in!

Let me know your thoughts:

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What happens when you work hard to get stronger with a lift or exercise and start focusing on something new? 

How do you maintain the gains you achieved? 

Plus, how does cooking affect nutrition? Are cooked vegetables less nutritious then raw vegetables? 

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For new listeners and old, I think it's important to get to know the podcasters you're spending time listening to.

Today's episode is a Friday Fit (kinda) Quickie sharing who I am and having fun answering Never Have I Evers.

Feel free to tell me about yourself too! 

Ep. 340 is my personal story of disordered eating referenced in this episode.

Let's connect:


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Did you know your body can give you a killer natural high thanks to it's ability to produce endocannabinoids? 

Listen in on how to train for mental and physical benefits with hiit, strength and steady state.


- How much water is too much? How to pee less!
- Where to get the best leggings.
- The trick to stay motivated that not everyone can benefit from

And more!

Let's connect: 

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And some serious mindset chat. What does fit mean to you? 

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you rely on motivation vs discipline for your training right now? Do you have a hard time working out when mojo is lacking? 

Let's talk about it:

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Stuck doing the same amount of pushups or pullups (or any exercise) and tired of being in a plateau? 

Listen in on how to train to increase exercise endurance and add more reps! 

Plus, why you should never ask someone what they eat. And a killer workout of the week!


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Good news, craving sugar leading up to your period isn't only normal, it's actually part of a healthy cycle. 

That doesn't mean eating an entire pan of brownies is okay though.

Here's a Fit Quickie on pms sugar cravings and how to handle them for balanced nutrition without guilt or deprivation. 

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There's a big difference between doing an ab workout and doing a core workout. Let's dive into it so your workout is balanced and perfect!

Plus, not giving up on your January goals as the month ends and reminding ourselves that food doesn't control you.

Let's dive it! 

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Episode 374 and 376, we talked protein and fat. How much you need for a balanced diet. Today, we're quickly discussing how many carbohydrates people should consume and how to calculate your specific amount for calories and grams. 

Are you loving these Friday short episodes? 

Let's connect and chat! and 

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I love this episode! 

We'll chat: 

  • Birth control and it's affect on muscle building and fat storage.
  • What's the best workout split for results?
  • Thoughts on massage and the chiropractor for recovery.

BC Study:


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Episode 375, I shared how much protein you should consume and how to easily hit it.

Today, we're quickly going to discuss how much fat people should consume and how to calculate your specific amount for calories and grams. 

Next week, we'll finish the series with a fit quickie on carb intake! Love this? Let me know!

Let's connect and chat! and 

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I have a fun, free challenge for you! Are you up for 30 days of swinging a kettlebell? If you love a challenge or need some extra motivation to workout, try this! 

Plus, are flat shoes and working out barefoot equal? If not, which is best? And tips to knock out a long hike!

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Today we're keeping things short, sweet and to the point with a Friday Fit Quickie tip... 

How to easily hit your recommended protein intake each day without stressing out and eating chicken at 9pm. 

Strong Start Challenge!

Let's connect! and 

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If you're feeling extra motivated to workout and going in with guns a blazing, let's chat about safe and effective training to help see results faster and help you avoid burnout! 

Is soreness required to get stronger? How to recover faster and adjust to tougher workouts. 

Plus, how to make sure you don't burnout and give up with your goals. This is important! 

Strong Start Challenge Info:

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