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You guys are in for a treat, this was such a fun podcast with Games Athlete, entrepreneur, and fabulous woman... Melissa Doss. 

Melissa has done amazing things as an athlete, and we cover all things from accomplishments to letdowns and injuries. She's also a woman trying to start a family and we go in detail about our personal journeys to balance hormones and achieve fertility! 

And more. How can one person be a coach, business owner (2 businesses), and athlete AND still make time for her family? Listen in!

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Trill? Being true and real.
It's all I know how to be and I'm lucky today's guest is the same! Salah is one half of the podcasters from The Trillest Podcast.

Salah was a collegiate volleyball player and now works for Onnit in a position she loves. We talk college sports, preparing for the world beyond collage, fitness journeys and of course Onnit supplements and gear.

But more than anything, it's 2 new friends chatting about passion. Don't worry, Taylor will be on soon too! If you don't follow and listen to these women, you should. 

Get to know Salah:

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5 weeks ago, Alex (@work_hard_eat_harder) and I committed to trying Mind Pump's MAPS Strong Program. Based on strong man training. 

The 12 week program is divided up into 3 phases, each 4 weeks long with a different focus. 

We've had a lot of questions on the program, the workouts, the style, and the results so we sat down (turning a tropical storm) to share how Phase 1 went and recap our experience to one another.

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This week I had a blast hosting my 7th ladies hiking retreat! These are really the highlight of my job, what an honor to hike mountains and share my favorite trails with others.

Live Your Fitness is all about using the fitness built in the gym and using it to do amazing things.

Here's a recap of the trips, sponsors and how I put it all together!

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Yup, today I'm talking why it's important to challenge yourself by doing workout programs designed by other people. Whether you're a trainer or not, having a plan is essential to results and having someone else design that plan helps push you outside your comfort zone for new results.

I recently started Mind Pump's MAPS Strong program. Here's the why, what and answers to your questions! 

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