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Short, sweet but filled with the good stuff!

Like how to quickly get rid of love handles/muffin tops? How to do pistol squats? The song you have to listen to right now! AND... my secret love of pulling weeds.

What's a fun fact about you that people find unique?

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The 1st Bulldog Challenge in 3 years! This local 10k obstacle race has been a challenge I've done 4 times previously and had high hopes for its return this year.

Did it live up to the hype? What is it? How did my amazing team do? And more. 

Spoiler... it wasn't like the previous 4 times I've done this. Better? Worst? Listen and find out! 

Do you do OCRs? 

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It's race week for the Bulldog Challenge OCR. This 4 person team event has always been a blast but it's been since 2019 since the last race.

Here's what I'm doing this week to prepare for a great race day! If you have questions let me know 

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This interview was a dream come true! JJR is my favorite Cake Designer and host of the best YouTube show, You've Been Desserted. 

But baking cakes isn't his only passion. We talk fashion, Florence & The Machine, fitness and nutrition to create a well balanced life for happiness and health!


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Happy 402nd episode of the FWW Podcast! I can't believe we're still chugging along, chatting every week! And I wouldn't have it any other way. so thank you!

I didn't get to celebrate the 400th but it needed to be mentioned.

Also on the show:

- Is it okay for women to take creatine?
- What is the best scale for weight, body fat, etc?
- And what about lifting heavy on your period? Is it too much? 

Let's chat it out in 15 minutes. 

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Samantha Wilson breaks down hypnosis and breaks free of the stereotypes of magical spells and swinging pocket watches to share what hypnotherapy is and what it can do for women to break free of their mental barriers to come out stronger and more confident. 

This episode was so fun and the energy is contagious so get ready to get pumped.

Find out more about Babes Against Bullshit:

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How did I not realize this was going to be episode 400!? We'll have to celebrate on episode 401 for sure because there just wasn't time in the Fit Quickie (and I clearly forgot).

Today, let's spend 10 minutes talking about tracking your food when eating out. Do you need to? What's the most efficient way? Tricks for a balanced but enjoyable eating out experience... and more! 

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Today is my birthday... I'm 38 years young and celebrating by sharing the most valuable lessons learned over the past year.

But I always wanted to hear from you and what advice you would give your younger self. Listeners did not dissapoint. Listen for some words of encouragement, wisdom and self care!

Support the show and celebrate by birthday by supporting our sponsor: Athletic Greens at use "FWW" at checkout for free goodies! 

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What does it take to look like a fitness influencer or magazine fitness model? 

What does a fit body look like when you workout more days a week than you rest? 

Cellulite, stretch marks, muffins tops and more in this chat and more to come.

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