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So much good catch up talk today! Right now, we're in a social media craze where we are being pushed to love our bodies as they are. And while that's great, FANTASTIC, it doesn't mean we have to accept our bodies. Today I share my own struggle with stress and body changes and how I'm going to be tweaking a few things to help return my body to it's "happy state". We will also talk Crossfit Open! 

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What's the secret to seeing results? How do you break through plateaus? I get this question a lot and I'm sharing today the "not so secret" secret that can help propel you forward with your training. Enjoy!

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No, I didn't drink the Crossfit Juice, but Jessica Beran did. This masters athlete has made it to regionals multiple times and offers a ton of insight in the Crossfit Open. Plus we chat about her current hiatus from the sport after be stuck on the sidelines from overtraining and under recovering. 

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Get your head out the gutter! In this episode, learn 10 ways to show yourself love and respect. You can't be completely loved if you don't love yourself, right? We'll also chat about assessment workouts, all things stress and body "puffiness" and more. Listen in to celebrate our 101st podcast!

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Listen in as I answer some of the most intriguing and important questions regarding your fitness and nutrition. Are fitness trackers good for estimating weight loss? Why are you feeling drained at the start of a race? Is the InstaPot worth the $$? And more!

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