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Friday Fit Quickie! 

Exercise is about keeping a body strong and mobile. It goes beyond just lifting as heavy as possible. 

These moves are hugely beneficial at helping build strength, increase range of motion and increase mobility! 

Do you do them already? 

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February is American Heart Health Month. This is an important topic to me as heart disease runs in the fam as well as to millions of others. 

What can you do to keep your heart healthy and beating strong? What to avoid? What to look for? And more! 

Thank you to Dr. Kimberly Wright for hanging out today. Check her out at:

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Sweet and short Friday Fit Quickie talking about maintenance phase vs aiming to change something with your body... 

Whether that's weight loss or increased strength. Is it okay to be forever chasing body goals without taking a break? 

If you have been trying to lose weight forever... Or push the intensity in the gym focusing on progressive overload forever...

You need to listen in!

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What happens when you work hard to get stronger with a lift or exercise and start focusing on something new? 

How do you maintain the gains you achieved? 

Plus, how does cooking affect nutrition? Are cooked vegetables less nutritious then raw vegetables? 

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For new listeners and old, I think it's important to get to know the podcasters you're spending time listening to.

Today's episode is a Friday Fit (kinda) Quickie sharing who I am and having fun answering Never Have I Evers.

Feel free to tell me about yourself too! 

Ep. 340 is my personal story of disordered eating referenced in this episode.

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Did you know your body can give you a killer natural high thanks to it's ability to produce endocannabinoids? 

Listen in on how to train for mental and physical benefits with hiit, strength and steady state.


- How much water is too much? How to pee less!
- Where to get the best leggings.
- The trick to stay motivated that not everyone can benefit from

And more!

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And some serious mindset chat. What does fit mean to you? 

On a scale of 1-10 how much do you rely on motivation vs discipline for your training right now? Do you have a hard time working out when mojo is lacking? 

Let's talk about it:

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Stuck doing the same amount of pushups or pullups (or any exercise) and tired of being in a plateau? 

Listen in on how to train to increase exercise endurance and add more reps! 

Plus, why you should never ask someone what they eat. And a killer workout of the week!


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