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Hello friends! In this week's episode, Ashley and I hit on quite a few topics... the biggest being: Is it possible to gain muscle without fat? And if so, how? 

What kind of workouts should you do? What should your nutrition look like to fuel a body to gain a few healthy pounds of muscle and strength. As someone who has gained 15 pounds, you can imagine I have a few things to say about this one.

Oh and let's talk pimples!

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6 week nutrition challenges are popping up all over the place, and recently Ashley (@AshleyDrummonds) and I received the question... "Why does this particular meal challenge have my friends eating nothing but tilapia and asparagus?" 

Our thoughts on this rigid meal plan plus catching up on our life happenings, workouts, books and more. Listen in and let us know what you think about 6 week challenges! Motivating? Or silly?

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Macros, intermittent fasting, paleo, Whole30, keto... it's as if we need a plan to survive and eat. The other day I was telling Dan that I was going to start IF (intermittent fasting) with Alex to which he responded with...

"Why do women need a plan for eating!? Why can't you just eat good food, leave out the sugar and just eat when you're hungry?"

The man has a point. For so long, I've been tracking macros or trying something. Have we (women) forgotten how to naturally eat? Why do we need a plan? I talk about it today and also fill you guys in on some random happenings!

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Girls Gone Wod with Joy and Claire is one of my favorite podcast. It's two friends sitting together and talking about life, food, fitness and everything else in between.

But recently Joy has been having a lot of deep chats about body image, what's positive and what's negative and how women are bringing one another down on social media by showing off their bodies instead of physical strengths.

As someone who has battled exercise addiction and food obsessions, I get it. But That doesn't mean I don't have a counter argument.

Luckily, Ashley (@AshleyDrummonds) is with me and we share VERY similar thoughts on positive body image between ladies. So sit back and enjoy. If you have thoughts don't hesitate to share!

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