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What's really going on in the head of your trainer? On today's show, I have friend and fellow trainer, Lindsay Wright on to share our most honest trainer confessions. What we love most about our jobs, why we can't count to safe our lives and we may even eat crap... more often than you think.

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Yoga and mobility guru Jill Miller shares her passion and knowledge on the importance of trigger ball therapy. What makes Tune Up Balls better than traditional foam rolling? How can you get started and what's the trick to keep going once you  do? Plus... did you know trigger balls may just help keep you looking youthful and wrinkle free?

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Alex and I are sharing up our latest and greatest workout with you and then going straight into what we really love... food talk! Chime in as we talk about food rewards. Why rewarding yourself with food gets you no where and how to handle cravings during "strict" nutrition times. Plus updates on our goals!

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The Speedgoat, Karl Meltzer, shares his passion for live, adventures, and trail running. Karl recently completed the entire Appalachian Trail in record and shares his drive, tips, and passion with us. What motivated him to go for this a third time? Get the lowdown here! And perhaps you'll be inspired to try something outside of the norm, something that right now makes you nervous or intimidates you. 

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Sit back and hang out with Alex and me. Today we ring in 2017 by sharing our goals, our first workout of the year and our favorite highlights from our holiday hiatus. Our biggest challenge yet, the 21 day sugar detox kicks off this week and we would love to have you join us! 

Learn more about our goals, why we're kicking the sugar to the curb, and the best cookbooks of the year. Happy 2017! 

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