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Recently, my gut has been on a journey. It’s been flipping all around and causing me to be uncomfortable, bloated, gassy, and a few pounds heavier than normal. 
Why? What’s going on? It took me 2 weeks to figure it out and 4 days to get it fixed. Here’s what happened, what I did and what I will do moving forward to reset my belly health.
We’ll also do some Q/A! Favorite OCR races, thoughts on Whole30, mobility training and more. 
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Motivation comes to us all differently and I love that my client/friend, Carol shares what motivated her to get into the gym and take her fitness to a level she didn't know was possible. 

It wasn't her size, an event or a vacation... fear motivated her and it's an important lesson. Tons of fun fact bombs about to go down in this episode. 

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Let's catch up on training, the upcoming Live Your Fitness Retreat and more specifically on whether or not burpees are worth the time and effort and "pain" it takes to do them. 

I was given an article with quotes from Scarlett Johansson's trainers saying they're stupid. So let's do this, I was asked my opinion and thought it would be a fun topic. 

Interested in the retreat? Email me and I'll send the link to all the fun details! 

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Today's podcast is because of you! Thanks for your questions. 

Does intermittent fasting effect my strength workouts?
How did I get started with kettlebells? 
What's up with Ashley?
Do I listen to music during workouts?

I'm also sharing my workout from earlier this week because it killed me. You can thank me later!

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