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Why is women's health so hush hush? I want to break that down and make hard issues easier to talk about. This episode means a lot to me and should you too.

Today, Dr. Danielle Jones (Mama Doctor Jones) talks about miscarriage truths; is birth control really terrible for you long term; AND what about fitness during and post pregnancy.

Check Dr. Jones out on Youtube.

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After several attempts, I finally hit a new half marathon PR, and the funny thing about it was that I trained half as much as I did previously for races yet felt the most confident I have ever felt at the starting line.

How? What was different about training and how did I cut off over 90s from my previous PR. 

I also answer some great questions for you guys. Thank you! To get your question answered on an upcoming episode, DM me

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I'm joined with Srdjan from Crossropes to talk all things jump roping. Why it's a great exercise, what to look for in a rope and how to either get started (even if uncoordinated) or improve your jump rope game.

This isn't sponsored, I just love my jump rope and wanted to share the freaking awesome benefits of grabbing a rope. 

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I've recently talked about exercise addiction and anxiety. They are tightly connected and often when anxiety is high, my addiction is too. But what happens when your health obsession keeps you from truly living... keeps you from hanging out with friends and causes anxiety at the thought of overindulging? 

You're not healthy any more. 

Let's get real together as I share my journey in hopes it helps you.

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