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Heather Faas is a ranked bodybuilder with something to prove. You can be strong, very strong and still look feminine and beautiful. Find out how this mom of 2 found strength lifting and what she does to get in competition shape.

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Anne, a registered dietician and the blogger behind shares her tips on balancing life, creating a business and eating healthy. How to create a balanced nutrition program even if you don't like cooking.

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How are you supposed to simply wake up and love your body? You're not. Bonnie and i share our struggles and how our views on our body image have changed over time. What ah ha moments have led us to accepting our bodies while not allowing us to stay stagnant. 

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Ashton and I sit down to discuss whats holding us back and what we could do different to improve. Basically, we want to be good at so many things we're not good at anything. Here's what we're doing to correct it. It might help you!

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Misty Wong has backpacked some of the best trails in the world, the Appalachian Trail, John Muir and even spent her honeymoon in Patagonia. She is an amazing trail runner and all around adventurer. Listen for her tips and tricks for surviving! 

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Dr Bruce Fife is on the show today sharing the real truth about coconut. Will it lead to weight gain? High cholesterol? Is swishing it in your mouth for 20 minutes (oil pulling" really great for you? Find out in the podcast today!

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Kristen from Bearfoot Theory shares her passion for adventure and living her fitness by sharing her John Muir trip. How can I prepare as we plan to tackle the 215 miles this year. 

What happens when you don't shave, wash your hair and look at just one person for days on end? How does the trail inevitably change you to appreciate life more? 

It's all here!

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As a full time student, model and a member of the US Bouldering team, Sierra Blair-Coyle is busy, really busy. How does she balance training, work, study and a life? Take notes friends. 

And enjoy tips on getting started in climbing, no matter where you live! 

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Jens Jakob Andersen is a competitive runner and satistician behind the website After compiling thousands of race splits, his research discovered some crazy facts about running when it came to opposite sexes.

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Nicole Studer shocked not just the ultra trail running world but herself last month when she set a new 100 mile American Trail record! In this podcast, she shares her tips for training and how she got into ultra trail running while holding down a full time job.

Thinking about running a new distance? This can help!

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What is it about the paleo diet that people love? Why can't paleo followers eat peanut butter? Nuts? Dairy? And are they really after trying to eat the way our ancestors did? 

Find out in todays podast as blogger and author, Melissa Joulwan, shares her paleo experience and comes clean that it's okay not to eat paleo 100% of the time! Best recipes, tips on starting out and more! 

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Dr. Rania Mekary, a Harvard Researcher, shares her findings on a 12 year study in which she sought to find which was better for the waist circumferance: weight training or cardio?

Also learn more about natural muscle loss and how to prevent it. Why working out causes you to eat more? And what is the best way to test your body for improvements?

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Corinna Coffin isn't your normal college senior. She placed 2nd in the World Spartan Race Championship after being in the sport for less than a year. 

A true athlete with the coolest personality, Corinna opens up about her training, nutrition, boyfriend and more. It's like sitting down to coffee to catch up with a friend. 

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