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This special series is about connecting with friends and family who share a passion for fitness, nutrition and balance. That means ice cream is okay! 

Janelle is a client in MN who is strong AF! She shares her fitness story and how she became the proud owner of a beat up ice cream truck. 

Plus, what's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

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Yup, I said it. I hate figure competitions. Listen in to learn why I'll never do another and why I'm tired of people promoting their post competition nutrition programs.

Plus, let's talk scales, emotions, and how to separate the two. Your weight or the food you eat doesn't define you. Let's break it down.

And lastly, how to make fitness easier for newbies! Plus more.

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Do I really need to say more than the title?

Stephanie holds nothing back as we talk about discovering your sex language, how to be more open with your partner and learning about your own body and desires.

We talk toys, techniques, swinger's and more. 

This is juicy and might not be the episode to listen to with your kids.

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Based off the questions I received, it was clear I needed to dedicate an entire episode to chat about running.

Specifically half marathon training and racing. 

  • How I trained for my first half and my goals for my upcoming half marathon.
  • How many days do you need for running?
  • How to eat for race day and during runs?
  • Shoes! Which ones are the best? 
  • And more!

Get these details and more today.

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Today I have my workout bestie, Alex on to share her pregnancy journey. From an easy pregnancy to an INSANE birth. 

Bones were broken, the doctor needed a coffee break, and husbands were told to leave the room (just one)

Mom and baby are doing well but it was a scary few days! 

We'll also talk about her journey back to fitness, so listen in. Lots of good girl chat!

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Getting personal, as always, to share my recent journey to be healthier. Major nutrition changes I've made and why. Oh and the time I pooped my pants might be a big factor to all this.


How to lose fat AND gain muscle?
Would I ever own a Crossfit gym?
For time cap workouts, should you go heavy or stay safe with lighter weights? 

Let's chat:

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We know that as we get older, fertility drops... but when and why? 

Dr. Jane Frederick is a fertility specialist dropping tons of info nuggets in this episode.

- What age does egg count/health take a nose dive?
- What can you do to stay a fertile as possible?
- If over 35, when should you talk with a fertility doctor if trying to conceive.
- What does it take (and cost) to freeze eggs and even unfreeze them?

We cover it all and more! 

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Today's Q/A, I answer: 

1. How do you track food to get the most accurate information on calories and macros eaten per day. 

2. Dealing with an injury? Tips to work around it and focus on what you can do. 

3. Ideal length of refeed periods? 

And more! I share a great workout and give several important updates.

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This series is quickly becoming my favorite!

Becks and I have been internet friends for 8 years and I can't believe this is the first time she's been on the podcast.

How did this non-athletic, last picked for kickball girl become a level 2 Crossfit coach? And with all that fitness, why did she create a cookie baking company?

Listen to learn how to have your cookies and eat them too!

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