Fit Womens Weekly Podcast

Note: Our studio is now closed since the recording.

Have you found yourself turning to food for comfort? It's normal and you're not alone. Here's how to handle it! 

Is your physical strength and endurance hitting a wall? That's normal too. Don't fret, let's talk it out.

Plus, a fun Q&A from you guys! Stay safe. 

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It's a weird time, enjoy this weird podcast as I navigate important Corona Virus fitness tips your way and work on staying on track! 

A few things... think to lower intensity of workouts for a healthier immune system. Why and how! The 411 on being a small business owner right now and the realness behind it all.

Plus, Adam from Nutsola is sharing his passion for healthy food, fuel and movement!

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What's the difference between CBD and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil? Is it really helpful and in what ways? 

Adriaan, co-founder of NED breaks it down, shares his passion for The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty & reveals the 3 pillars of life we should know and can relate to.

And finally, who's Ned?

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You do great all week long with your fitness and nutrition and then Friday comes around... happy hour, date night, Netflix and ice cream: Can you slow or even reverse the results you worked hard for from the week?

Listen to find out!

Also... getting mentally confident after injuries and more.

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