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What exercises should you be doing to strengthen your knees? How can you train to decrease knee pain? 

Let's talk it out for healthier knees and a stronger body! 

Plus what underwear is best for working out? And my honest answer for leaning out if you've had a history of disordered eating. Might not be what you want to hear. But it's what you might need to hear.

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Feeling like you putter out on workouts sooner than you'd like and want to be able to push harder, longer? 

Here's how to increase your engine to build more cardio, more intensity, and more power in your workouts! 

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Ever feel bad when life gets busy and you can't workout? How to handle it so you come back strong and healthy!

Plus, why you feel nauseous during workouts and how to avoid it. 

Plus more! 

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Today's quick tip is about pushing through workouts when things get tough!

Here's my secret to make workouts seem easier so you stay mentally strong and physically stronger! 

Plus the morning cocktail that makes my day! 

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My friend April joins the podcast today to share her 4 year adventure in Mexico and Guatemala with her husband and 2 boys.

What made them sell all their belongings and move south of the border? How much money did they save? How is life different? 

They're living the life many of us dream of and I can't wait for you to hear her story! 

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Part of my job is to create training plans.

Part of my job is to workout live and coach others through the sessions.

Part of my workout is to help people live a painfree, more mobile life.

And part of my job is to inspire and motivate women to push themselves to better results.

That's the goal of this short episode. When is the last time you REALLY pushed yourself hard? Without fear or judgement? 

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Is there a difference in the calories you burn with strength training versus cardio workouts? 

Which is best for weight loss? What about hiit? 

How many calories do you burn doing 30 minutes of each one? Let's break it all down!

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In any profession it's important to stay in your lane and know your strengths and weaknessess. But especially when what you do has the ability to help or harm people.

A listener asked how she should go about telling her gym's fitness instructor she's teaching kettlebell swings all wrong? Or should she say anything? 

Let's just say, you won't see me teaching olympic lifting anytime soon. I'll admit 100% that's not something I know anything about. 

But let's hear the full response! 

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Dr Jennifer Heisz runs the NeuroFit Lab at McMaster University where she studies the connection between the brain and fitness for physical and mental health.

This episode is loaded with interesting nuggets on serotonin, endocannibinoids, dopamine, and more... production driven by the workouts you do.

Which workouts are the best? How does fitness help and hurt stress? And so much more!

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