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Taylor Kiser, blogger behind the popular Food Faith Fitness Blog shares her struggles with food. What helped her successfully beat anorexia at the age of 14 and how food continues to play a struggle in her life while running a highly successful food blog. 


Plus get tips on building a blog, food photography and so much more!

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Amanda Brooks is one of the top rated running blogs on the web. She knows her stuff. 


In this podcast, we answer your biggest questions: 

What fuel to use and when? Is real fuel vs Gus an issue? 

What to eat the night before a long run or race? 

Is there a difference in how a store analyses your run? 

How to make the last few miles not so ugly? 


And more! Tune in! 

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What is it about the paleo diet that people love? Why can't paleo followers eat peanut butter? Nuts? Dairy? And are they really after trying to eat the way our ancestors did? 

Find out in todays podast as blogger and author, Melissa Joulwan, shares her paleo experience and comes clean that it's okay not to eat paleo 100% of the time! Best recipes, tips on starting out and more! 

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Australian model, Meaghan Kausman, recently woke up to discover photos of her had been photoshopped to transform her body into a much  more slender, unrealistic figure. The image most media wants us to believe is idea.

How did she handle it? Not by shrugging her shoulders. 

Listen to learn the tricks to being in control of your emotions and being the strongest woman you can be. 

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What would you do if... you had always been the biggest girl in school? 

In this episode, Andrea from ImPerfect Life shares her story of dropping over 160 pounds. It had nothing to do about being a smaller size, and all about living life.

Learn her story, her passion for living life, and her excitement to do cartwheels.

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This is a great episode with Christine from

She really helps you look at your life through a different lens. You'll learn how to find the passion in your daily life. 

Believe it or not, there is some passion there. You just need to find it. And when you do, you can actually turn it into something you can make a living at, impact more people with, and just use it to increase your happiness. 

Afterall, when you're happy, you spread that happiness to others. 

We also talk about how Christine got into yoga, here passion. She's not a yoga certfied instructor and teaching classes.

I think you're going to love this episode and learn a lot from it.

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I am so excited to bring a great conversation with Dilia Suriel the author of The Thin Woman's Brain: Re-Writing the Brain for Permanent Weight Loss.

Last week we talked about this book quite a bit. However, this week we have the actual author on to talk about emotional eating... food addiction... and how to actually recognize your hunger.

This is a great conversation. I hope you really enjoy it... I think if you can apply the ideas with a sound fitness plan, you will have complet control over you life. 

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First off, sorry about the volume. We had to record in a huge room which is why the volume is really tough to hear. 

However I really wanted you to hear this episode because there is so much great information to help you. Things like...

Is yoga a workout?

Can you get stronger while working on flexibility?

What workouts and exercises can help you prepare for yoga?

How does yoga influence life outside of your physical practice of yoga?


The negatives of teaching yoga... you know those embarrassing things that happen to everybody.

Plus so much more!

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This is a great episode of What The Fitness. It's with Dr. Brie Turner McGrievy who is a registered dietitian and PHD at the University of South Carolina. 

We talk about so much in this episode that is going to really help you burn fat through nutrition and keep it off... because it's all about the right habits.

You'll learn:

The proper diet for losing weight... true weight... and keeping it off.

What most women commonly do wrong when dieting, besides dieting itself... plus how to fix it.

The easy - dead simple - trick to calculate calories for faster weight loss.

A different perspective on supplements... what really works according to Dr. McGrievy and what doesn't.

Dairy, good or bad? 

How to balance out a vegan diet if you choose to go that route.

Iron, Vitamin D and B12 info, how to get the most out of it.

Enjoy this episode.

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This was a really fun and powerful episode with Margaret of 

Margaret is so smart and will really make you think about weight loss, exercise, your body image and so much more. 

You're going to learn:

The internal benefits... the stuff that really matters... of exercise.

The best motivators to get started and how you can start using them.

Why a smaller dress size isn't enough to sustain an exercise habit and always leads right back to weight gain.

Why you should forget about dieting and even forget about food and focus on this first.

Why we crave sugar and how you can turn the tables and fight back to regain control.

I hope you really enjoy this episode and please leave your comments.

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Mike Boyle... no relation to Dan or I... is an amazing trainer and he's been a mentor for so long. Incredibly honest... talented... and with more experience than most trainers combined. 

I think you'll really enjoy todays's podcast because it's a break from the "run your body into the ground" style of training and more about what type of training actually works. And when I say works I mean works to make you healthier, stronger, fitter, and live longer with no injuries.

In this interview you're going to learn...

Why the best exercises are the oldest and most basic. Plus what those exercises are.

Why women tend to lack upper body strength and one way you can go about helping that. I love this becuase it differs from my opinion a little.

The most important thing is this. If you don't have it... if you don't do it... you need to start immediately.

Why training proportionatly is a waste of time. Just think about what your day typically looks like. 

Get going and listen to this interview. I hope it helps you to take a serious look at how you train and what you can do to get better results!

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This weeks episode can come off as promotional, but it's not intended to be at all. It's a great interview with Chris "The Kiwi"... the creator of Athletic Greens. 

This is a greens supplement that I have used a lot myself. I really love the product and I think greens supplements and supplementation as a whole is something that will become more and more popular. 

Considering the fact that our food supply is clearly tampered with, supplements might play a bigger role in our lives.

Anyway, in this podcast you are going to learn:

Why even if you're healthy, you could have your body turn agaisnt you. 

Why multi-vitamins are mostly a waste of money.

Why you should consider greens supplements.

What makes Athletic Greens different and the story behind it.

Plus a lot more!

I hope you lean a lot in this episode. Consider trying Athletic Greens of any greens supplement to see how you react and feel. It might be something you love. Only you can make that call.

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David Epstein is the author of the Sports Gene... it's a really great book and that's why I wanted to interview him.

In this episode of What The Fitness you're going to learn...

The 10,000 hour rule and it's validity over genetics. This is good news for you if you can put in the time.

What makes women good at sports and fitness in general...

And what are women's downfalls in these areas.

The one racing event that women should compete against men in and beat them in!

When you're most likely to hit your own physical peak and when you'll be your fastest.

When should you have your kids focus on a particular sport. This might surprise you!

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This was a great interview. I ended up loving Yasmina so much... such an amazing woman. I think you'll really enjoy this interview too and you'll get a lot from it that you can use in your diet.

Specifically, you'll learn:

What is a histamine anyway and how does it relate to your diet?

Yasmina's personal story of 20 years going through misdiagnosis before finding and had an anti-histamine intolerance.

How chronic diseases are affected by histamines.

What dietary changes can help the situation and probably help you too!

Plus how to experiment with your own diet in easy and fun ways.

Enjoy this interview!

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It's been awhile since my last podcast. Sorry about that. I have some more great interviews lined up. Today's is amazing with Theodora Blanchfield who has lost over 50 pounds and better... she's kept it off. 

She is all about small changes that yield big results. Something I preach too... it really is amazing what one small thing can do on the big scale.

You will learn what her steps were starting her weight loss journey which will really help you if you're starting or if you're in the middle of your own.

Plus you'll learn how not to get caught in the trap of losing weight. How to find your ideal body size and type and then switch to maintenance mode. This is really important and something many women don't talk about enough.

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Gluten this and gluten that... you can't enter a grocery store or restaurant of any type without seeing or hearing the word gluten. It might be this generations "fat free" kick.

That's why I had to interview the Gluten Dude. In this revealing podcast you'll learn:

What really is celiac disease, what are the symptoms and why does it take so long to really diagnose?

What's the truth behind the gluten trend and is is really legit? Can Gwenyth Paltrow be behind it all?

How the gluten free trend is hurting those people that can't actually eat gluten...

The truth behind the restaurants that serve gluten free foods...

How you can setup a gluten free kitchen for somebody that really has a gluten intolerance.

Plus more really interesting facts about gluten you probably never knew or have been told about.

Make sure you follow the Gluten Dude on Twitter and listen to the podcast with all show notes at Lifting Revolution.

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Amanda is a really amazing women who has and is still going through a lot. She is a boot camp client and while this podcast does not deal directly with fitness, she is a super strong women and fitness is a big part of her life. 

What this is about is dealing with and living through an abusive relationship. Amanda has been through a lot to say the least and she really hopes her story can be of help to somebody that might be going through the same thing. 

You'll learn how her dream man when crazy after the wedding and her life spiralled out of control. You'll learn how to deal with that and the progression of an abusive relationship so maybe if you're in a similar boat, you can stop it before it gets out of control.

She shares how you can spot abuse if you have a friend that might be going through it. 

Plus how to help a friend and how to help yourself. 

I hope you really enjoy this episode. It's a heavy topic but a serious one that needs more light.

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Today's episode of What The Fitness is really special and really motivating. It's with Bonnie Lang of She's a in-home personal trainer and a very talented one at that. 

She has such an amazing story of running her own marathon. I mean, not just running one for herself, but running her own marathon. Make sure you listen to this one and you'll see exactly what I mean. 

You're also going to learn:

  • How to know if running a marathon is for you... (you might be surprised at the answer!)
  • The few things that make living a busy life actually more helpful for working out.
  • Why you need to balance this form of training with running to be the best you can be.
  • How to deal with life challenges and unexpected twists you never could have seen coming. 

This is a great interview and I know you're going to love Bonnie. Make sure you visit LiftingRevolution for more great interviews and articles to help you become the best version of yourself... not just being in great shape, but loving your body and life. If you want online personal training with me or access to my workouts then check out

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I have such a cool interview for you today. It's with Cora... The Lingerie Addict at

She is so amazing and we had such a great talk. Part of being fit and healthy is feeling beautiful and part of feeling comfortable and beautiful can be wearing some lingerie that makes you feel special. 

In this episode, you will learn about how lingerie allows you to be you which is really so true.

And you'll learn that no matter what size, body type, or shape you are... lingerie can help you feel more confidence and boost your self esteem.

You'll learn how to find the best fit, including a bra which is so important... and finally you'll learn about The Body Snark Free Zone. This is something Cora is very passionate about and I think you'll agree 100%.

Make sure to check her blog out.

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This is such a cool episode of What The Fitness. I interview a good blogger friend of mine Lindsay Cotter of

In this episode we talked about what it's like being married to a professional athlete... aka... her husband is full time triathlete. This does affect her sanity both good and bad. It's really interesting. You probably are thinking does this make her feel more pressured to workout harder or be more strict on herself? We'll talk about that.

We also talk about following your heart and your dreams which she did and make a huge change. It inspires me to go bigger with my dreams for sure. I will!

We also talked about how to listen to yoru body and know when to take a break. Plus how to have a great marriage by setting goals and supporting eachother. Finally we talk about blogging and why it's so much fun and how to get started.

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We need more kettlebell! Marianne Kane is a kettlebell expert and she has so many great tips about kettlebells and women's training in general. I think you're really going to enjoy this episode. 

You'll learn... How to choose a kettlebell so you get one that will last you a lifestyle and feel good. You are going to learn how to avoid common injuries and how to get started safely. 

You'll learn what weight of kettlebell you should buy first. They are pretty expensive but so worth the investment.

Finally we talk about the best exercises to get started and how you can safely progress with kettlebell training. 

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This is a great interview with an amazing trainer and woman, Alli McKee. She lives in Baltimore and she's a great trainer. I love her outlook on fitness, exercise, and living. You are going to love it too. 

You are going to learn about finding something that works for you when it comes to fitnes and nutrition too. Nothing is ever going to be perfect but they can be close based on you.

You will also learn about how not to fall into the trap of following the crowd and doing something just because it's expected or becuase it's the hot new things. This goes with all things like fad diets, paleo, vegan, and even workouts like crossfit, yoga, running, etc...

You can do this by keeping things fresh and doing more fitness classes or getting outside of the classes altogether and doing things that fitness trains you for. Learn to use your body and your new found strength for things outside of the actual exercise class.

Finally, you'll learn that exercise is for more than just your body. It's for your mind and soul. This is something that takes a little longer to find, but you will discover this feeling when you keep working out.

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Okay, it's no shocker that juice cleanses are all the rage these days. I just got through the Blueprint Juice Cleanse and I have to say it was the best one I've done. Granted I've only tested one other, but this one was great. It had calories, it didn't make me feel like I was going to diet of energy starvation, and the juices tasted great.

In this interview - we don't do any real promotion so don't worry about that - Rather we talk about juicing as a whole. What are the benefits? Can you really lose weight on a juice cleanse, should you do one... should you not do one... all the the information about juicing as a whole. 

It's a great interview and I really want to thank Blueprint for doing this with me. Check them out. I like them. 

If you want more from me, then my blog has it all. Also come train with me every week... 24/7... whenever you want to and melt fat through a great diet and awesome workouts.

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This is such a fun interview today with Jenny and Heather of They are vegan chefs and they are so knowledgable... it's insane. You are going to get so many golden nuggets. 

Of course we talk all about vegan cooking tips and tricks to help you be faster and increase taste too. We also really went in deep about how to make a transition to a vegan based lifestyle. 

You are going to learn how Jenny and Heather became vegan themselves. It has to do with their parents but not like you may expect.

You are also going to learn about their amazing cookbook which is a great deal over at I highly suggest you get yourself a copy!

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Strong Butts and Women Strength - Interview With Molly Galbraith

This episode of What The Fitness is another great one... as always. First off, sorry for the echo. We ended up having to use Skype and Skype is known to give issues like this when recording and doing interviews. But the content in this interview is incredibly helpful. 

I talk with Molly Galbraith. She is a business owner and has her own gym now In Kentucky. She used to be a figure competitor, but like me she stopped doing them because of how harsh they were on her body. You'll learn more about that. Make sure you take note of this and why what you see is not always healthy.

We talk a lot about training for women. In particular, strength training and weight training. This is great to listen to because as a woman you need to get into strength training. It does not have to be weights, you can use bodyweight but you must get off that endless treadmill run and do more strength training.

Finally we talk about her butt. She's always gotten compliments about how firm and tight her butt is. She actually has a Twitter account for her butt. Pretty funny and awesome right?

I hope you really enjoy this interview. Make sure you check out the full post on Lifting Revolution and the butt workout I created which was inspired by Molly. Also if you want personal training, then visit and read about Fit Women's Weekly premium. Here you can get workouts, nutrition, and just great training to help you hit your goals.

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This is episode is such a good one. You are going to meet Kyla who is a business owner - personal trainer. She's a figure competitor and really amazing at it too. Take it from me, that is a tough sport and she does it super well. You'll learn about how she trains and what allows her to be successful and not. 

Plus we get into the process of doing figure competitions, the ups and down. While you may never want to be a figure competitor, it's very analogous to life. Ups and downs are part of the process and how you handle both will determine if you continue to move in the direction you want. I think you'll learn a lot from this section.

Finally we talk about nutrition and supplements. Always great information to know about.

Make sure you go subscribe at Lifting Revolution, my blog, and if you want some personal trainer to help you hit your goals then all you need is to check out Fit Women's Weekly

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This is a great interview for this episode of What The Fitness. Mandy Anderson is a certified L.E.A.N. coach and has been dealing with cystic fibrosis for her whole life. She is a true inspiration not just because of that, but also because of the many different set backs she had to deal with in her life. 

She's a health coach now and somebody who I would suggest you add to your reading list. You are going to learn a lot, plus you'll get so motivated knowing that you too can accomplish your goals and get through any tough time you may be dealing with. 

Enjoy the show. Make sure you visit Mandy at her site here. Also check out Lifting Revolution and Fit Women's Weekly for more personal trainer and weekly plans for exercise and nutrition too.

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I am beyond excited to share with you this interview I did with one of my boot campers, Kim Schofield. I call a lot of women amazing, and trust me they all are. Kim is a special bread of amazing. She's proof that you're capable of making radical lifestyle changes... getting fit and now only fit, but strong and powerful... and she's proof that it's a realization that can set you free. You'll see what I mean.

She was pretty big and not very healthy growing up. She always thought she was stuck in that body, but she soon had a realization that she was not stuck in that body. She had the power to change it and it was not permanent. I think you'll learn a lot about yourself here because you might be holding yourself back by a limiting belief.

Then you'll learn about how she got healthy and amazingily fit. If you could only see her workout, she would blow you away. What's really great is how her husband is part of her team. They got healthy together and continue this amazing journey together. It's shaped them for the better. 

I think you'll really enjoy this and learn a lot from it. Make sure you check out Lifting Revolution where you'll find the best posts daily to help you live healthier, have more fun in life, and be a happier - fitter woman. 

If you want personal help getting the body you deserve then you need to check out Fit Women's Weekly Preium and consider joining. I think it's just the thing you need to realize you are not stuck where you may be right now.

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First I want to say that this episode was recorded while I was on the Blend retreat in Park City Utah. I have lots of special guests on this episode... women that I am very blessed to call my friends now. However because of where we recorded and what I was able to bring with me, the audio is low at certain points. I'm sorry about that. I did the best I could.

In this episode, you'll learn about how to get started making the lifestyle changes needed to be really healthy. Finding what works for you and your body and mind. You'll hear the personal stories of these amazing women that make the changes themselves and that lead lives that make them happy. 

You're also going to learn about getting started with exercise and making it part of your life. That's what really separates those women who are forever fit and healthy... they've made fitness and being healthy a centerpiece of their life. 

I hope you enjoy this special episode. Make sure you visit Lifting Revolution for more great content to help you be healthy. Also if you are looking for some personal training and help to make fitness and health part of your life... visit Fit Women's Weekly and learn how I might be able to help you.

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This is such a great episode of What The Fitness. I have the privledge of interviewing Miss Zippy of She is a Mom, a writer, and a certified running coach. Plus she's a wonderful woman and good friend. 

In this episode we talk all about running. Miss Zippy is a believer in natural running so we will definitely talk about that. The more you learn about this the better decisions you'll be able to make to help your running and what shoe is perfect for you. 

We talk about training for an event and really go in-depth about how to set it up and do it. This is very helpful if you're a runner that like to do anything from a 10k or above. Gosh, even if you run 5ks and you're new to them, this can help make sure you have a lot of fun and post good times. 

Enjoy this episode and make sure you subscribe and rate What The Fitness on iTunes. If you love it, definitely give us some 5 star love. Thanks so much. Over the next few days I'll be traveling so there may not be any podcasts posted until next week. Make sure to check out and Fit Women's Weekly for training and programs. 

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You've probably never heard of Jess, but she's an amazing woman. She is actually one of my boot campers here in Charleston. She's been a client for a very long time and more importantly, she's an incredible inspiration to women everywhere looking to not to just lose weight, but transform their bodies for strength too.

In this episode of What The Fitness, Jess shares how she lost over 25 pounds in just 12 weeks. She talks about training, tracking her nutrition, and making those daily decisions that really count. 

What's great about Jess is she's not like a celebrity who is paid big bucks to workout and look good. She does it because it's part of her lifestyle and that alone makes her feel strong and great about herself. Remember that!

I hope you enjoy the episode and make sure to check out Lifting Revoluiton for more amazing - daily - posts about fitness, nutrition, and living a healthy life.

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Today's session of What The Fitness is great. I got to Interview Jason C. Brown of He is a true kettlebell expert, functional fitness expert, and movement expert. I love his philosophy on training and I think you'll learn a lot from it too. Make sure you pay attention to how he still gets his training in each day even with an 8 month old baby. 

I hope you really enjoy this episode of the podcast. Please help us out by giving us a 5 start review and if you want more great fitness, nutrition, and lifestyle enhancment information everyday, check out

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I am so excited to bring you this episode of What The Fitness. I was blessed to interview and talk with Gabrielle Reece. Of course you know her as a star volleyball player, gorgeous model, and now amazing Mom and wife to Laird Hamilton.

She has so much to share that can help you with not only our fitness training, but your outlook on life, and going through the many changes. You'll learn what is was like for her to grow up on the Virgin Islands and then going to college. This is when she got serious into strength training and when it became a part of her life and so did volleyball. 

Then we talk about modeling and how you would expect that to change the way she trained. You'll have to see what she said about that. I think you'll be pretty shocked. 

Finally, now that she's a little older with three children and a great husband, has her training changed? You'll find out because in many way it has. Plus you're going to learn about her healthy living outlook now which I think you're really going to love. It's not nearly as strict as you might think and her reasons are great. Definitely something to live by and strive for!

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In this episode you'll meet Nia Shanks at She is an amazing women and all about strength training and weight lifting for women. She is a very strong woman herself and the best thing, she's a very smart trainer. Enjoy this interview!

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