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Dr. Sherry, the creator of GenoPalate (, lets me geek out as we talk DNA, genes and nutrition. Why doesn't one diet work for all of us?

Your DNA may help you take your health to the next level and instead of trying a new fad diet, learn once and for all how you should fuel your body to feel your best. 

Prepare for nuggets of science info!

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It's time to relive one of my favorite weeks of the year! Last week, I took a large group of women to the mountains to live their fitness. We hiked over 35 miles, drank wine, laughed a ton and battled nature.

I always wanted to share how I found my love of being in the mountains and where my outdoorsy passion stems from. I hope you enjoy.

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I also want to send a big thank you to each and every sponsor that helped make this retreat the best one yet.

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Today is a great Q/A episode. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions and keep them coming in.

What are my thoughts on Popsugar Workouts?
What's the best coffee drink to order and how to track it?
How to balance strength and running? 
What I wish I had known when I started running? 
And more!

If you like the episode, let me know! Also share with your friends!

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Gasp. I know, I know... normally I would be telling you to toss the scale. Don't use it, don't trust it, don't look at it. But NOT all the time. It might just be the tool some women need to help get on track, to help them see where they are (or aren't) and more.

Plus half marathons... why I try to stay in shape to always be able to run 13.1 miles, training tips and more.

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