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This one gets personal, passionate, and maybe a bit opinionated at times. But it's a good one. Alex and I share our thoughts on trying to start a family and dealing with the thoughts of how our bodies could be changed forever and if we'll ever be able to get in shape post pregnancy... that is if we both can get pregnant. Plus a lot of holiday chat. 

Side note... neither of us are pregnant at this time!

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Lisa Van Ahn is a world class athlete and inspiration to women of all ages through her I Am Initiative. You are more than a job, you are more than a title. Lisa shares how to find your passion and drive in order to build strength and self love. 

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Dr. Courtney Peterson shares her findings on time focused fasting. Does the time of day that you eat affect the amount of fat your body burns? How it stores sugar? What about exercise? When is the most effective time to get your sweat on and how to fuel for it? Listen in to learn about early time restricted eating and more!

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We're going against 90% of the fitness world today as we share the truth.Do you need to watch what you eat? Do you need to balance your Thanksgiving meal? Do you need to workout before or after your feast? No, that's stupid. Listen in as Alex and I share our thoughts on eating for the holidays and why one day isn't going to destroy your waistline.

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If you want to be stronger, fitter, thinner, whatever... something has to change. In order to life a life of growth, you have to be open to changing. Find out how to make that happen on today's podcast. Your warning? This is a very honest and "real" podcast today! Enjoy.

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Today we have my friend and head trainer of my gym, Lynette, here to share her amazing story. Lynette had always been overweight, but after years of feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious decided enough was enough. She worked hard and lost 100 pounds and has kept it off for a decade. What's her secret and what let her to quit her job as a teacher to pursue her a career in health and fitness?

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It's that time of year. Bugs are being passed around and there doesn't seem to be enough vitamin C at the drugstores. For those of us that love to exercise, getting sick can bring us down. RN, Alex helps clear the sick air by giving tips on when you should lay low from your routine and when it's okay to push through, even beneficial. 

Plus, great tips on what to do if you end up sick and want to beat it as fast as possible. We of course share what's going in in life, our most recent workout and some Halloween fun! 


As always, thanks for listening in!

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I'm dropping in solo today so share some thoughts, emotions and a few coughs on how to deal with poor races or fitness outcomes. Some things you can control, others are out of your hands. Let's have a heart to heart as I allow my a-type personality to get a reality check! 

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In this week's episode, Alex and I share our most recent workout PLUs we answer some tough (and awesome) workout questions.

How do you go from exercising because you know you need it to a place where you love it? How do you see the results you've achieved to be kind for your body? How do you keep the motivation flowing so that you don't burn out and give up? 

Plus much more! 

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Recently Bonnie had a huge half marathon pr (we're talking 5+ minutes) by doing the one thing you should never ever do! Find out what it is! 

Also learn what the #1 mistake is that we've made and that we see with our female clients on a daily basis when it comes to getting results. 

And finally, we take a little fit quiz with one another to end with some fun.

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Todays episode has Alex and I talking all things needed for us to do our best workouts. The brands we're loyal to, the specific pieces of gear we love and more.

We also share our latest workout together and quiz one another on how well we really know each other. This is a hilarious podcast where we really let lose and give some great tips and suggestions! 

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Together these two women have lost over 150 pounds and are hear to share their stories. What was the ah-ha moment that lead each to realizing something HAD to change. Both were athletes, what caused both ladies to gain weight? And what's worked for them to stay motivated, competitive and in the best shapes of their lives?

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In this episode, Alex and I talk about the tricks we use to push ourselves during workouts when we're working out together and alone. Use these tricks with your own workouts. Also get the DL on our goals, how we each approached the 240 Burpee Workout and the taste test results are in for the new Quest Bar Flavor: Blueberry.

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Master StrongFirst Instructor, Coach Karen Smith shares her love of kettlebell training by giving some tips to getting started, tips to improving and what its like to be coached under the top kettlebell guru in the country. 

We also have a passion for staying mentally strong as well as physically strong so excuse us as we dive into how to stay positive when life is tough. 

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In this episode, meet my training partner and workout wifey, Alex. She's strong, hilarious, amazing and I'm thrilled to have her on the podcast today. 

Learn more about both of us as well as our current training goals and workouts!  

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Today's guest is my husband and partner, Dan. Being a trainer himself, we talk about our current goals and how we try to inspire our clients to set their own goals and take action. 

What are we currently working on together and why has it taken so long for us to record a podcast? It's all explained here! 

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Heather Faas is an amazing powerlifter and friend. She shares her recent adventure of going to The Arnold. What it felt to be in the room with Arnold, what could have been different with training and how she'll improve to lift heavier. Plus how to overcome being a little "different" compared to other competitors. Not quite having "the look". All women should listen!

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Stop The Thyroid Madness author, Janie Bowthorpe, shares her passion and knowledge regarding thyroid and adrenal health. Specifically as it relates to overtraining and fitness women women.

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Taylor Kiser, blogger behind the popular Food Faith Fitness Blog shares her struggles with food. What helped her successfully beat anorexia at the age of 14 and how food continues to play a struggle in her life while running a highly successful food blog. 


Plus get tips on building a blog, food photography and so much more!

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Personal trainer and life motivator, Bonnie Lang talks fitness, living her fitness and finding a balance mentally and physically. It's okay to not give fitness 100% effort. Find out why Bonnie has changed the way she looks at fitness and her body. 

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Amanda Brooks is one of the top rated running blogs on the web. She knows her stuff. 


In this podcast, we answer your biggest questions: 

What fuel to use and when? Is real fuel vs Gus an issue? 

What to eat the night before a long run or race? 

Is there a difference in how a store analyses your run? 

How to make the last few miles not so ugly? 


And more! Tune in! 

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