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If you love to be inspired and learn a few new things too to help you on your personal journey, you’ll love this episode.
I’m talking with my friend Aubreigh about her recent weight loss of over 20 pounds in 8 weeks and how she found a passion for picking up heavy things and turning it into a challenge to train for her 1st power lifting competition. 
Listen to be entertained, inspired and educated as I learn about her training and journey!
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Today's Q&A is so fun, thank you for the questions and I hope you walk away with a new brain wrinkle of knowledge.

Let's cover:

How many calories should an active woman eat?
How can you push harder in a workout? (Water getting in the way?)
How to avoid binges?
How to start kettlebell training?
And more!

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Cassy is one of the happiest female entrepreneurs I know. Scratch that, one of the happiest people I know. When she agreed to be on the podcast, I screamed like a girl because I was so excited to get to know this woman more, learn from her and help you too. 
We talk about her passion for bugs (yup), making changes to clean up your life and nutrition, how Cook Once, Eat All Week was born and the principles behind it to make healthy eating and prepping more exciting and also healthy skin care. Why what you put on your face matters and where should you start?
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Have you seen Free Solo yet? If not, watch it! Not only for the amazing accomplishment of Alex Honnold but also the lesson he shares, "Good enough, isn't good!"

Let that marinate.

I'll also share the most common training mistakes I see from newbies and how to correct them. And rest days, what does a rest day versus an active rest look like? Plus more!

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