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Anne, a registered dietician and the blogger behind shares her tips on balancing life, creating a business and eating healthy. How to create a balanced nutrition program even if you don't like cooking.

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Misty Wong has backpacked some of the best trails in the world, the Appalachian Trail, John Muir and even spent her honeymoon in Patagonia. She is an amazing trail runner and all around adventurer. Listen for her tips and tricks for surviving! 

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Dr Bruce Fife is on the show today sharing the real truth about coconut. Will it lead to weight gain? High cholesterol? Is swishing it in your mouth for 20 minutes (oil pulling" really great for you? Find out in the podcast today!

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As a full time student, model and a member of the US Bouldering team, Sierra Blair-Coyle is busy, really busy. How does she balance training, work, study and a life? Take notes friends. 

And enjoy tips on getting started in climbing, no matter where you live! 

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Nicole Studer shocked not just the ultra trail running world but herself last month when she set a new 100 mile American Trail record! In this podcast, she shares her tips for training and how she got into ultra trail running while holding down a full time job.

Thinking about running a new distance? This can help!

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Iron woman and registered dietician, Kimberly Schwabenbauer shares her training secrets to be the best athlete she can be. As a woman, how should you eat for training, or even general workouts? 

Plus, how to find passion, drive, and energy to push the boundries of what you think you're capable of. 

Important for all women! 

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Often times we let fear stand in our way of becoming our best selves.

There are really only two types of fear in this world, and you need to know which of the two holds you back.

Discover how to be successful and why you are powerful beyond measure. 

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10 years ago, I would have told you that your workouts were crazy. Not worth the time and likely would have convinced you to do something different.

It's my job to share the best and worst workouts, which is why I've learned to embrace a bit of everything.

How to look at different workouts and how fitness has changed in a decade of being a trainer.

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These are the five damaging admissions you need to know about going into the Holiday and New Year seasons. Many trainers, companies, and other people bash each other... bash the way they train... and so much more. 

These little tifs that trainers and nutrition experts get in can really hurt how you see results. 

In this podcast we are going to talk about 5 big hidden admissions that trainers use. You'll learn things like:

What trainers and nutrition experts use to prove their point even though nothing is actually ever proven.

What the real best type of training actually is and how you can start doing it very inexpensively.

The best nutrition advice you can possibly get.

The real reason you want to get healthy... and it has nothing to do with your trainer.

Why being successful too fast can be the kiss of death.

I hope you enjoy this episode and please leave us a 5 star review and some comments to let us know how to get even better.

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This episode is a return of sorts to a more regular broadcasting of What The Fitness. We are going to come at you regularly... every Tuesday with a podcast.

Today we're talking about th 5 fundamental rules you must follow if you want to shape your stomach into a sexy flat stomach or even a six-pack.

It's funny because this has to do with a bet my husband and me have going on right now. So that's why we think it's really important to talk about flat stomachs. 

Not to mention the Holiday season is going to be upon us super fast this year. All of these are great rules you can use to make sure you don't get bloated or pack on those mid-section pounds.

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Don't Be Negative About Yourself - Dove Soap Ad - And Motivation

This is a fun episode of What The Fitness where we bring my hubby Dan back into the mix. In this episode we talk about how you view yourself and we look at it in two different lights. One from a perspective of being negative and how other women do not respond well to that... but then we also look at this from your own perspective. 

Recently there was a Dove Soap campaing that looked at beauty in a different light. It's a pretty good subject and relates very closely with exercise, nutrition, and the base reasons why you workout.

We also talk about how to get and stay motivated to push yourself. We've talked a lot about this in the past, but this is a little different because we talk about events and do you need some type of even to get yourself motivated. What about you?

Plus there is a lot more great stuff going on. Make sure you check out the blog where we consistently post up taining help like our recent 30 different types of plank exercises. This is a great directory to help you build better workouts. 

If you need help training specifically and you want to get in really great shape then make sure you join Fit Women's Weekly. It's my virtual training studio that can help you get fit every week, burn fat, and build that lean muscle to shape the body you want. Get healthy... be happy!

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