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Okay, it's no shocker that juice cleanses are all the rage these days. I just got through the Blueprint Juice Cleanse and I have to say it was the best one I've done. Granted I've only tested one other, but this one was great. It had calories, it didn't make me feel like I was going to diet of energy starvation, and the juices tasted great.

In this interview - we don't do any real promotion so don't worry about that - Rather we talk about juicing as a whole. What are the benefits? Can you really lose weight on a juice cleanse, should you do one... should you not do one... all the the information about juicing as a whole. 

It's a great interview and I really want to thank Blueprint for doing this with me. Check them out. I like them. 

If you want more from me, then my blog has it all. Also come train with me every week... 24/7... whenever you want to and melt fat through a great diet and awesome workouts.

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This is such a fun interview today with Jenny and Heather of They are vegan chefs and they are so knowledgable... it's insane. You are going to get so many golden nuggets. 

Of course we talk all about vegan cooking tips and tricks to help you be faster and increase taste too. We also really went in deep about how to make a transition to a vegan based lifestyle. 

You are going to learn how Jenny and Heather became vegan themselves. It has to do with their parents but not like you may expect.

You are also going to learn about their amazing cookbook which is a great deal over at I highly suggest you get yourself a copy!

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Strong Butts and Women Strength - Interview With Molly Galbraith

This episode of What The Fitness is another great one... as always. First off, sorry for the echo. We ended up having to use Skype and Skype is known to give issues like this when recording and doing interviews. But the content in this interview is incredibly helpful. 

I talk with Molly Galbraith. She is a business owner and has her own gym now In Kentucky. She used to be a figure competitor, but like me she stopped doing them because of how harsh they were on her body. You'll learn more about that. Make sure you take note of this and why what you see is not always healthy.

We talk a lot about training for women. In particular, strength training and weight training. This is great to listen to because as a woman you need to get into strength training. It does not have to be weights, you can use bodyweight but you must get off that endless treadmill run and do more strength training.

Finally we talk about her butt. She's always gotten compliments about how firm and tight her butt is. She actually has a Twitter account for her butt. Pretty funny and awesome right?

I hope you really enjoy this interview. Make sure you check out the full post on Lifting Revolution and the butt workout I created which was inspired by Molly. Also if you want personal training, then visit and read about Fit Women's Weekly premium. Here you can get workouts, nutrition, and just great training to help you hit your goals.

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This is episode is such a good one. You are going to meet Kyla who is a business owner - personal trainer. She's a figure competitor and really amazing at it too. Take it from me, that is a tough sport and she does it super well. You'll learn about how she trains and what allows her to be successful and not. 

Plus we get into the process of doing figure competitions, the ups and down. While you may never want to be a figure competitor, it's very analogous to life. Ups and downs are part of the process and how you handle both will determine if you continue to move in the direction you want. I think you'll learn a lot from this section.

Finally we talk about nutrition and supplements. Always great information to know about.

Make sure you go subscribe at Lifting Revolution, my blog, and if you want some personal trainer to help you hit your goals then all you need is to check out Fit Women's Weekly

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