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The ups, down, growth and goals over the past 10 years have been all over the place. Today, let's take a look at the successes and failures over the past decade when it comes to my body, businesses, and life. 

Plus, the mindset shift that's taken place from being 25 to 35 and more. Hopefully this will inspire you to look at your decade of growth!


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Planning on making big goals for 2020? Today's podcast will set you up for success by sharing the biggest mistakes people make when going for big fitness/weight loss New Year's Resolutions and how to go into the year with a great plan of attack.

Plus, Geno Palate macros, holiday updates and more! 

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Happy December! What better way to kick off the holiday month than to discuss how to actually handle the holidays, your diet and fitness. 


The gift list idea for the fitness freaks in your life. 
The difference between Hiit & Metcon workouts
Is your nutrition getting a little too strict? Here's my response.

Plus more!

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