Fit Womens Weekly Podcast

Each year I share the biggest lessons I learned, for 2021 there are 6 big lessons! 

Plus, why are resolutions stupid and why are they helpful? Define them for yourself and follow this one simple rule to make sure you hit your goals.

And more!

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Today is a Fitness with Friends, Kristina is here to share her decade long journey to being fit, healthy and learning balance with nutrition. 

The big change that helped... social media. Listen in to learn how Instagram improved her workouts and consistency.

What's the best gift you've ever gotten? 

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WIth New Years around the corner, it's important to talk about setting healthy, resonable resolutions.

Today, I'll cover 6 common mistakes people make when setting resolutions and how to avoid them.

Plus, what's the latest gut health update?

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Sleep: Do you get enough? Is it quality sleep? How can you optimize for better sleep and rest? What happens if you get up during the night and can't fall back asleep?

We cover it all in today's Fit Friday with sleep coach, Kelly O'brien from Proper. and use code FITW10 for 10% off

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New Years is around the corner and I've heard a lot of judgy comments from influencers about weight loss, diet, and body image. 

Let's talk about it. Is it okay to want to change your body and make resolutions focusing on accomplishing that? 

Plus the Kiawah Half Marathon recap! 

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Dec 19th Holiday Workout:

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I LOVED talking with Alex so much.

It was like having coffee with a friend as we talked about her transformative journey from collegiate gymnast to Crossfit games athlete to olympic weight lifter to rehabbing injuries and implants.

Listen in and if you enjoyed the episode connect with Alex at:

She was so real, honest, and made the convo flow easily. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did! 

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Let's talk food today. Are you making any of these 8 common mistakes with nutrition? 

Don't worry. I'll cover what to do instead to help you create better food habits and a healthier food relationship. 

Plus, it's half marathon week! What does this week look like with food, fitness, and rest? 

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The number one question I get as a trainer from my clients is, "What weight do you think I should use for x,y,z?"

The truth is... I can't always tell you what weight you should use but I can give some guidelines to help you decide for yourself. 

For Fit Tip Friday, I'm sharing 6 factors to consider when choosing the weight(s) for your workouts. 

If you like this, let me know!

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The final 31 days of 2021 are here. What are you going to do with them? Will you use these days to finish the year strong or take time to rest and pick back up in the new year? 

Let's break it down. 

Plus, how should you plan your workouts? Weekly? Monthly? Daily? 

And finally, I'm sharing a true story of almost being hunted on my trail run this past weekend. Seriously. 


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Jill Miller is a mentor I've admired for years and I'm excited to have her back on the show talking about soft rolling, fascia, medicinal advancements in rolling and more. Prepare to learn a thing or two! 

Connect with Jill:

Black Friday:

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Every day at lunch, I add 1 oz of liverwurst to my plate and we need to talk about it. What are the benefits of eating organ meat versus traditional muscle meat? What organs specifically? 

We'll also talk about preparing for Crossfit competitions and how I get new clients/leads for my studio and FWW Live. 

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What are muscle imbalances?

How do you know if you any form or muscle issues? 

Is one side stronger than the other? 

And most importantly...

How can you change up your workouts to help balance things out to help improve your mobility, strength, fitness, and movement?

Finish the week with a focused training series to help! 

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If consistency is a struggle with your fitness, I have the best tip! At the end of the day, the only person who can make you move is you. This tip will take the pressure off you and makes excuses non existent.

Plus how to track macros and calories for recipes. Why you have cotton mouth, best core exercises and more! 

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Lots of laughs and honesty in this episode with the amazing Gigi from GigiEats. Her authenticity shines through as she shares her struggle with living without a large intestine, overcoming an eating disorder, and her unconditional love of salmon. 

Support her by following Gigi on instagram:

Love this episode? Share the love with friends and family. 

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So much in one show! 

Tips on how to improve your 5K time. Spoiler: It takes 4 training tools!

Exercises to do and to avoid if you have a vaginal prolapse. 

How to stop shoulding yourself and why it's important!

Workout of the day, cookbook details, and much more! 

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What is fear? Is fear real or something we make up? How often do the things we are afraid of come try and turn out as bad as we expect? 

Let's talk it out with social psychologist Dr. Amy Johnson

How to overcome self doubt and turn your mindset into a positive brain you love.

Let's chat about it:

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Does drinking wine (or any alcohol) affect your body's ability to build muscle? It's a good question with a good answer! 

Where are the best places to buy home fitness equipment? 

Are BCAA's effective for recovery? 

How to find balance between work, family, friends and hobbies? 

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This special series is about connecting with friends and family who share a passion for fitness, nutrition and balance. That means ice cream is okay! 

Janelle is a client in MN who is strong AF! She shares her fitness story and how she became the proud owner of a beat up ice cream truck. 

Plus, what's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten?

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Yup, I said it. I hate figure competitions. Listen in to learn why I'll never do another and why I'm tired of people promoting their post competition nutrition programs.

Plus, let's talk scales, emotions, and how to separate the two. Your weight or the food you eat doesn't define you. Let's break it down.

And lastly, how to make fitness easier for newbies! Plus more.

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Do I really need to say more than the title?

Stephanie holds nothing back as we talk about discovering your sex language, how to be more open with your partner and learning about your own body and desires.

We talk toys, techniques, swinger's and more. 

This is juicy and might not be the episode to listen to with your kids.

Connect with Stephanie:

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Based off the questions I received, it was clear I needed to dedicate an entire episode to chat about running.

Specifically half marathon training and racing. 

  • How I trained for my first half and my goals for my upcoming half marathon.
  • How many days do you need for running?
  • How to eat for race day and during runs?
  • Shoes! Which ones are the best? 
  • And more!

Get these details and more today.

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Today I have my workout bestie, Alex on to share her pregnancy journey. From an easy pregnancy to an INSANE birth. 

Bones were broken, the doctor needed a coffee break, and husbands were told to leave the room (just one)

Mom and baby are doing well but it was a scary few days! 

We'll also talk about her journey back to fitness, so listen in. Lots of good girl chat!

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Getting personal, as always, to share my recent journey to be healthier. Major nutrition changes I've made and why. Oh and the time I pooped my pants might be a big factor to all this.


How to lose fat AND gain muscle?
Would I ever own a Crossfit gym?
For time cap workouts, should you go heavy or stay safe with lighter weights? 

Let's chat:

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We know that as we get older, fertility drops... but when and why? 

Dr. Jane Frederick is a fertility specialist dropping tons of info nuggets in this episode.

- What age does egg count/health take a nose dive?
- What can you do to stay a fertile as possible?
- If over 35, when should you talk with a fertility doctor if trying to conceive.
- What does it take (and cost) to freeze eggs and even unfreeze them?

We cover it all and more! 

Learn more at:


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Today's Q/A, I answer: 

1. How do you track food to get the most accurate information on calories and macros eaten per day. 

2. Dealing with an injury? Tips to work around it and focus on what you can do. 

3. Ideal length of refeed periods? 

And more! I share a great workout and give several important updates.

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This series is quickly becoming my favorite!

Becks and I have been internet friends for 8 years and I can't believe this is the first time she's been on the podcast.

How did this non-athletic, last picked for kickball girl become a level 2 Crossfit coach? And with all that fitness, why did she create a cookie baking company?

Listen to learn how to have your cookies and eat them too!

Connect with Becks:

Share your thoughts with me! or

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As always, thanks for the great questions! Keep them coming and never hold back! Today's FWW chat: 

1. What it's been like to own a fitness studio during 2020 and 2021.

2. 8 fitness lies I seriously wish were true! Spoiler... waking up at 5am NEVER gets easier!

3. Must have kitchen gadgets to optimize making your own clean food!

And more... like the workout of the day! 

Connect at or email

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Part of the Fit With Friends series, my client and friend Emmy, shares her personal experience with being diagnosed with 3 autoimmune diseases over the past 10 years. 

And while many would slow down, Emmy shares how she keeps going and being a positive influence on her family and me.

Lupus, Vitiligo, and Polymorphic light eruption doesn't stop her. Listen in to hear Emmy's story! 

Have a story to share or want to connect? Email me at or


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So many great questions coming in for this episode!

- What does a nutritious, balanced diet look like? And tips to make it easier.

- The 5 elements I make sure all total body workouts included to be balanced.

- How to avoid late night binge eating when you're stomach is growling? 

And more! 

Connect and

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Dasha is a registered dietician focusing on GI health, autoimmune disease and nutrition and athletes. She's sharing her passion and loads of info to help explain: 

  • Gut health and inflammation
  • What is a Dutch test and GI mapping? 
  • Is there really a nutrition connection with most autoimmune diseases? 
  • What's not normal when it comes to daily GI habits? 
  • And more!

Connect with Dasha -

Have a thought? Let me know! or

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You asked and I love answering! This week's questions were fire. 

Let's cover: 

  • Is whey protein safe for women? What are the pros and cons?
  • Why do you lose weight faster than you're able to build muscle? Without going too deep and making thing confusing, I love this question and hope my answer explains things!
  • Typical breakfast and why my answer really doesn't matter. 
  • Plus more! 

Have a question? Let's chat.


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The series continues! Another friend, client and training partner, Megan, is sharing her journey to being healthy and fit.

As well as the struggles:

Eating vegetables when you're not a veggie lover. Raising a naturally competitive tween, and sharing a fit lifestyle with a family.

Listen in and join the convo and share the laughs.

Let's connect:


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In this very personal and open episode, I share my experience with disordered eating. This is a sensitive topic and if you find it triggering, please skip this one.

I'm opening up on my self confidence issues, my addictive personality and the aim for being in control that lead me to be consumed by food, or lack of food.

Please be sympathetic and leave harsh comments to yourself. This is to share my experience in helping you learn more about me as a trainer and person.

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Let's talk training! Specifically, high rep, low weight workouts versus low rep, heavy weight workouts. What are the benefits of each and can you get toned and strong from both? 

Plus, the seasons of fitness and motivation. It's okay to have eps and flows with workouts and training goals.

The SS Strong Challenge kicks off tomorrow and you're invited! And finally, let's talk food! Plan Smart Eat Real kicks off in 20 days. Join me and 14 other ladies. Email or DM for info!

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So much to chat about today:

Books, daily caloric intake, FWW app progress, fitness on vacation and of course... Vitamin D.

Why is Vit. D deficiency so common? What's the difference between sunshine and supplements? And why is Vitamin D not a "normal vitamin?" And more!

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Why is alcohol metabolized before other macronutrients? What makes it classified as a macro and what makes it different than the other 3 (protein, fat, carbohydrate)? 

Plus, the truth (science) behind the most common supplements (pre workout, post workout, protein, etc), the best resources for building strength, the workout of the week, and details on Plan Smart Eat Real. 

Have a question or interested in PSER? Email

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Today's show covers a wide variety of awesome topics: 

  • The workout of the day is an awesome 90s EMOM, also shared on Instagram. 
  • Dare to be motivational but not inspirational.
  • Exercises and tips for Carpal Tunnel.
  • Is it okay to be self conscious when you workout due to skin, jiggle, etc? 
  • And meal prep tips! 

Thanks for listening! Share with your friends to help spread the FWW love!

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Another Fit With Friends episode! My friend Tarrah recently began her journey to sobriety and was open to share it with us. The why's, how's and benefits of 54 days dry.

Plus, why she decided to pick up her first weight at the age of 40 years old and how her body and life has changed. 

Enjoy this personal story! Connect with Tarrah at:

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I recently received a listener's question on anterior pelvic tilts. What it is, how to know if you have one, and how to fix the tilt.

This is perfect since it's something I am working to fix too!

Other topics today:

- How to workout as we age? Cardio, strength, yoga, and more. 

- Is it okay to mark sexy time as exercise sometimes? 

- And more! Listen in for all the fitness talk.

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Today kicks off my special series of having friends and listeners on to tell their stories of strength, motivation and transformation.

Today is with my friend Bryna as she shares how exercise fits in her life. How she was able to get stronger during 2020 and the mental gains fitness brings to help heal from postpartum depression and being overworked in her career. 

Enjoy and join the convo: 

Let's connect at

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Thanks for listening in! This week I got some great questions to cover. If you ever have a question, reach out and ask! 

- What's the best pushup for for women? Knee pushups okay?

- I love to run but also do Crossfit. Is it okay to run after a CF workout and what are signs of overtraining?

- What's the secret to doing hack squats correctly? Spoiler: you won't like my answer.

And more! 

Let's connect at

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Today's show covers a ton of great topics: 

1. Don't let other people's assumptions about your abilities stop you from going after big goals! Sharing some personal stuff here.

2. The Summer Shred kicks off Monday! A quick overview of why you want to do this. 

3. Listener questions: Macros, burning body fat and gaining muscle, kicking sugar cravings, and what a week of training looks like.

Let's connect at


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This was the adventure I've been craving for years. Today I recap my 11th women's Live Your Fitness Retreat.

I took 10 ladies on a 22 mile hike through the Black Mountains of NC. We summited Mt Mitchell, witnessed amazing views, and pushed beyond our limits.

I'll cover the trails, the food, all 3 hikes, and the sponsors.

Make sure not to miss out on the giveaway found at

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Thank you to those that submitted questions~ 

In today's show:

- Why do people avoid getting healthy?
- Do you need to change exercises every few weeks? Or just keep overloading?
- Lunges causing back pain? Here's how to fix it!
- How many days should you lift? Do cardio?
- Which is most important strength training or endurance? 

Plus, the workout of the day. Give it a try.

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You've worked hard to build strength through progressive overload but now you're at a place where you're happy and want to lay off the intensity. 

What's next? How to make sure you don't lose what you've worked to gain. 

Other questions in today's show:

- How do I continuously create new workouts every day
- Recommendations for sports specific training? Like roller derby
- Are their optimal muscle groups to train together to get the best workout?

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Thanks once again for asking awesome and important questions! This week's episode covers: 

- How to be as safe as possible with running or walking in the dark? 

- If you're reverse dieting, how long should you stay there before going into a cutting phase? 

- Had an overindulgent weekend with food? Here's how to handle it.

- My favorite "fun" way to workout! And more.

Let's connect: 

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In today's episode: 

  • Does your cycle affect your workout? Nutrition? 
  • How to heal from a hamstring strain?
  • How to mentally handle rest days?  
  • Should you bulk, eat more, if trying to lose weight? 
  • And more!

Go listen in and hopefully learn a few things to help with your fitness journey. 

Let's connect: and for all show notes.

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In today's episode: 

  • The workout of the week that will prepare you for Murph. 
  • Short on time? Should you decrease reps or sets to fit your workout in? 
  • Can you get stronger with hiit workouts? 
  • Underrated fitness tips to start implementing asap. 
  • And more!

Go listen in and hopefully learn a few things to help with your fitness journey. 

Let's connect: and for all show notes.

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Today we have a guest! Kelly from A|Dash is talkng all things adaptogens. What, why, how to take them and more.

She's the co-founder of the Charleston/Nashville based Adaptogen drink, A|Dash which infused cold brew with Ashwagandha. 

She has a great story to tell! 

To enter the giveaway: Leave a review of FWW Podcast from May 19-May 26th. Lucky winner will receive A Dash!

15% off with code "KINDAL15"

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This episode is all about answering questions from listeners. These resonate with most of us and I am thrilled to break them down and help clear things up.

1. How to stay motivated with nutrition (diet) if trying to lose weight? 

2. 4 tips to keep kettlebell swings from hurting your lower back.

3. How to not feel like garbage after a weekend of binging.

4. How can you become a faster runner?

Love the show? Please share!
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Direct download: 5-12-21.mp3
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If weight loss isn't an issue, and your goal is to look stronger and more "toned"... how long will it take? 

That's the money question in today's episode along with: 

  • After protein, what's the next macro you should focus on if you're tracking macronutrients? Fat or Carbs? 
  • How to get your legs to look and feel stronger? 
  • 5 best leg moves you're probably NOT doing.
  • The workout of the week!

Love to hear thoughts and questions!

Direct download: 5-5-podcast.mp3
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It took 5 years to the day to hit a new deadlift pr! And that's not the only improvement to my fitness over the past 2 months. 

Why and how am I suddenly hitting new PRs and what are the 4 training tips you have to include to hit your own new personal records? 

I promise, you're likely not doing at least one of these.

Also the workout of the week, tips for tracking protein without actually tracking, and living your fitness.

Visit and connect at

Direct download: 2-28-hitting-prs.mp3
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In this episode I answer the following FWW fit fam questions: 

👉 The best back exercises and the two variations to make sure you add to your training every week.

👉 The best arm exercises to tighten flabby arms. 

👉 How do I fuel for a race? What do I eat after? 

👉 Should you eat less on rest days? 

Check out the new website:

Let's get to it. If you have questions or topics, let's connect:

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In today's episode, I'm answering awesome listeners' questions: 

1. Is it okay to workout 2x a day? Love this question!

2. When did I know Dan was "The ONE"? 

3. The most underrated piece of fitness equipment? 

4. How to prepare working out in high humid, hot conditions like the south? 

And more!

Listen in and feel free to add to the chat by emailing of DM

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I want to invite you to my virtual birthday party! Today I am celebrating turning 37 by sharing 37 life lessons I've learned over the years. Many of which I just learned from the past 12 months.

I left off an important one: You don't need to plank to have abs. I hate planking.

I'd love to hear the life lessons you'd share with your younger self. And when's your birthday?

Direct download: 37-years.mp3
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Let's talk about a controversial topic: 

Can you lose weight, be healthy and get stronger through Crossfit and Crossfit-like styles of training? This is an argument against some influencers and trainers that don't quite have the facts on what influences weight loss and healthy fitness.

Plus, let's recap 21.3 and 21.4. 

Get info on Plan Smart Eat Real Program: 

Direct download: crossfit-3-31.mp3
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These are my confessions! The areas in nutrition and diet that I could use some help in. Things I tell clients to do but I sometimes fail to do myself. 

We'll also talk about the things I am solid on and how I plan to work on weaknesses. It's a fun, raw podcast.

Also the workout of the week and the release of Plan Smart Eat Real starting April 5th. Interested? Email or DM me.


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This was a great question I received as a podcast request (always feel free to suggest topics): 

Over the past year workouts have become more accessible than ever, but healthy food hasn't. Prices seem to be going up making shopping on a budget hard for anyone that wants to eat healthy and avoid processed foods. TIPS?

And it's true, prices have gone up in a time where we really can't afford inflation! Listen in for actual tips you can use to shop smarter without cutting coupons.

Let's connect: or

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This was a lovely chat with Emily Skye where we talked about her journey to accept herself and her body.

She gives tips on self care, loving your body no matter where you on in your health and fitness journey as well as living a life of passion beyond stereotypes.

Connect with Emily at where she isn't afraid to be transparent in her life as a fitness star, a mom, and a woman. We can all relate!

Also visit for info on her programs.

Thank you Emily for this deep, and meaningful chat.

Let's connect:

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What's the difference between a refeed day or diet versus a cheat day or just eating all the food you want? 

We're going to break it down and talk science. If you've been in a deficit in calories or protein or just wondering how to better fuel your body, this is an important episode.

We'll also chat binging and how it can affect or not affect your goals. Plus more!

If you love the podcast, please share with your friends.

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More than 3 million Americans battle seasonal affective disorder each year. Short days, cloudy skies, and bone chilling temperatures have our Vitamin D levels plummet as well as our chipper moods.

Here are tips to overcome the seasoning blues as well as the weekly workout and the bulking update.

Let's connect:

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Recently on an Instagram Q/A someone asked my thoughts on bulking which was perfect because that was the plan all along for today's episode.

For the past 7 weeks, I've been in an intentional bulking phase, the first one of my life. Listen to the why, the how, the progress and the struggles. 

Plus more! 

Let's chat:


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Today we'll chat about the downside of fitness trackers like Fitbits and Apple Watches. For some, they're great. But for some, they can be harmful and lead to an unhealthy obsession.

That was me.

Also: plateaus and what is considered normal weight loss? How do you know if you're in a plateau? 

And more.

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Today's episode is a Q/A format with some great questions: 

What does it take to be certified by RKC for kettlebells?
When is the best time to eat carbs? Carbs and workouts? 
Do I suffer from body image? How to cope.
How to increase the weight you use with kettlebells or dumbbells.

Plus, macro counting talk.

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How you breathe during a workout dictates how you fast you run, how strong you feel, and how many rests you need to take. 

How should you breathe during workouts? It depends on if it's a cardio based workout or weight lifting. We'll talk about both.

Plus, what's the right recovery stance? 

Workout of the week and more! -- Info on FWW Live

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Celeste Harrington, self-worth coach and mindset maven shares important tips for staying positive, on track and focused on your goals. 

You are not a failure. This episode is important for anyone who ever doubts themselves or feels they can't make their fitness, business, or life goals happen. 

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11 common myths that even confused a lot of personal trainers... including me. Let's clear some fitness up so you can be on a path to successfully hitting your goals.

Plus, a what I eat in a day to fuel 2 workouts a day and stay feeling strong and energized. How much protein? Fat? and more!

Plus, my favorite workout I want you to try this week.

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Spoiler: It's okay to rate your effort as a 9 or 10 if you worked out hard!

What do detoxes do, are they good for you and which should you consider. I'm going real honest here!

Plus... the definition of fit. Are you fit? This episode will let you know.

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