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I have such a cool interview for you today. It's with Cora... The Lingerie Addict at

She is so amazing and we had such a great talk. Part of being fit and healthy is feeling beautiful and part of feeling comfortable and beautiful can be wearing some lingerie that makes you feel special. 

In this episode, you will learn about how lingerie allows you to be you which is really so true.

And you'll learn that no matter what size, body type, or shape you are... lingerie can help you feel more confidence and boost your self esteem.

You'll learn how to find the best fit, including a bra which is so important... and finally you'll learn about The Body Snark Free Zone. This is something Cora is very passionate about and I think you'll agree 100%.

Make sure to check her blog out.

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It's been so long since Dan and I had a good conversation together. We have decided that when we talk now, we'll keep our conversations to one topic rather than go all over the place. I hope this helps you get your training in a better place so you can see better results.

In this episode, we talk about getting started with bodyweight training, when it's good to move to weights and maybe even kettlebells. 

I think this is all about thinking about training differently and to give you some good ideas about how to progress safely and how you don't really need to progress to weights if you want to. But you'll see what we mean.

Enjoy the episode!

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This is such a cool episode of What The Fitness. I interview a good blogger friend of mine Lindsay Cotter of

In this episode we talked about what it's like being married to a professional athlete... aka... her husband is full time triathlete. This does affect her sanity both good and bad. It's really interesting. You probably are thinking does this make her feel more pressured to workout harder or be more strict on herself? We'll talk about that.

We also talk about following your heart and your dreams which she did and make a huge change. It inspires me to go bigger with my dreams for sure. I will!

We also talked about how to listen to yoru body and know when to take a break. Plus how to have a great marriage by setting goals and supporting eachother. Finally we talk about blogging and why it's so much fun and how to get started.

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We need more kettlebell! Marianne Kane is a kettlebell expert and she has so many great tips about kettlebells and women's training in general. I think you're really going to enjoy this episode. 

You'll learn... How to choose a kettlebell so you get one that will last you a lifestyle and feel good. You are going to learn how to avoid common injuries and how to get started safely. 

You'll learn what weight of kettlebell you should buy first. They are pretty expensive but so worth the investment.

Finally we talk about the best exercises to get started and how you can safely progress with kettlebell training. 

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This episode is one of those random shows where we cover all sorts of different stuff. Our guest is one of our trainers, Ashton. She's an amazing trainer, great motivator, and hyper competitive which is powerful. 

As you'll see she has a lot to say and you will probably relate to her immediately. 

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This is a great interview with an amazing trainer and woman, Alli McKee. She lives in Baltimore and she's a great trainer. I love her outlook on fitness, exercise, and living. You are going to love it too. 

You are going to learn about finding something that works for you when it comes to fitnes and nutrition too. Nothing is ever going to be perfect but they can be close based on you.

You will also learn about how not to fall into the trap of following the crowd and doing something just because it's expected or becuase it's the hot new things. This goes with all things like fad diets, paleo, vegan, and even workouts like crossfit, yoga, running, etc...

You can do this by keeping things fresh and doing more fitness classes or getting outside of the classes altogether and doing things that fitness trains you for. Learn to use your body and your new found strength for things outside of the actual exercise class.

Finally, you'll learn that exercise is for more than just your body. It's for your mind and soul. This is something that takes a little longer to find, but you will discover this feeling when you keep working out.

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