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This week’s episode is all about your questions! From fitness to nutrition, I received some awesome questions for you guys that I couldn’t pass on. I hope you enjoy the show and please keep shooting those questions over via Instagram, email or from the website.

Today’s Questions:

What kind of nutrition program am I (and Dan) currently following? Do we follow low carb, high fat/protein diet and what foods do we stay away from in our home for optimal health? (I think this answer is going to surprise you!).

How to workout when you’re recovering from an injury and feeling like you’re lacking on “the burn”? How many sets should you do? How many reps? What kind of weight?

A listener wrote in saying how much she loves MetCon style workouts and has her circuit training days up to 6 but wants to know what to do on the 7th day to round out her week? This is a really important question, so make sure to listen in!

We’re also going to catch up on life and chat about fitness, goals and more! What’s the plan for February’s challenge? It’s all about pushups, so listen in and let me know if you want to join me in my insanity!

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This episode is all about becoming smarter and more aware! After catching up and talking recent workouts, we tackled some AWESOME reader questions... 

"I was listening recently you mentioned that you just finished the book "The Microbiome Diet." I have been struggling with my digestion for the past 2 months and following the Paleo guidelines, but it doesn't seem to be fixing the issue.  I can only imagine that it has something to do with my gut.

I am curious as to which other nutrition books you have read and enjoyed in the past and which ones you are looking into.  I am currently a personal trainer and have lately been very interested in nutrition.  I would like to keep learning and broaden my knowledge on all of the latest nutritional trends that we have seen in our society."

What a great question! Books mentioned:

The Microbiome Diet
The Paleo Cure
Eat To Live (Not recommended)
The Wild Diet
The Mind-Gut Connection (Super stoked to start)

And a few favorite mindset resources discussed:

Infinite Possibilities
Dying To Be Me
Sarah Blakely (on Youtube)

And the 2nd question we discussed dealing with exercise compulsion/addiction when you're stuck at a desk all day. How to relief feelings of anxiety from non-movement and to safely fit movement in your day.

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Ashley and I are getting real honest and real open in today's episode as we share our confessions. What were some of the mistakes we made as trainers early on? What's the advice we give clients but have a hard time following ourselves? The exercises we make you guys do but secretly hate and more. 

This is a hilarious episode to learn more about us and our habits. Plus, learn the truth about personal trainers. Laugh, roll your eyes and enjoy the show!

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Ashley is back! And we have a lot to catch up on... life, the holidays, resolutions vs goals and accepting what 2017 did and didn't bring for us all. It's okay to be sad, happy, thrilled. Own your emotions! Of course we also talk fitness! 

Plus, Ashley fills us in on dating. The good stuff. 

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Bryan Ganey is one heck of an inspiration. He had a huge ah-ha moment when he came close to losing his life due to obesity. We all need that ah-ha moment no matter how big or small the goal to encourage real action and change.

Bryan shares his story and his recovery to accept a new life of balance and health. If you need some extra drive to get your year started, this is it! Hope you enjoy.

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