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Forced Exercise, Taylor Swift and Diet Coke, Plus What A Calorie Really Is

In this episode of What The Fitness, you're going to learn the truth about what a calorie really is. Is a calorie a calorie or is is not? Plus we'll talk about Taylor Swift and her endorsement of Diet Coke. And we'll talk about being forced to exercise and if it's a good thing for you. Enjoy this episode and please rate our podcast.

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This is a really fun interview with Adrienn Banhegyi. She is literally the best jump roper in the world. Watch her skills and your mind will be blown. Besides her amazing jump rope skills, she has important training tips to share which can help you and your personal ability. Enjoy this one... she is a great woman!

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In this episode you'll meet Nia Shanks at She is an amazing women and all about strength training and weight lifting for women. She is a very strong woman herself and the best thing, she's a very smart trainer. Enjoy this interview!

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This is another really fun episode where you'll hear about the Bull Dog Challenge which is a military style obstacle race you have to do. It will test everything you're made of. It's great to push yourself to those levels. Plus you'll learn how to handle let down and how to push forward which is the most important thing.

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In this episode of What The Fitness, you are going to meet April Carden. She is a rock star. The pure essence of what hard work and a great attitude can achieve. You'll learn how she pushes herself really hard... past limits that test everything she is made up of. This is great if you are getting started becuase April proves that if you love the process you can achieve anything. I can't wait to see what she accomplishes next!

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In this episode of What The Fitness you'll learn how to go deep in your heart and pull out the passion to hit your body and health goals. This is so important becuase it's so much more than just fitness and nutrition. If you can dig deep, you'll hit all of your life goals and that's what it's all about.

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