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Surround yourself with the best if you want to become the best. Kelly Manzone shares her recent experience at the Arnold Classic with kettlebell competition and mace demos. Plus, we talk aging. What's different when working out in our 30s versus a decade ago? What to keep in mind, how to progress, and how to take a chill pill. Plus much more. This lady is amazing! 

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My workout wifey, Alex is back! And boy do we have some things to fill you guys in on. Alex catches us up on her wedding (it will be here before we know it) and we fill you guys in on the insane version of 17.3 we did to fit our training.

Plus, pull-ups and more pull-ups as we have vowed to complete 40 every day of Lent! Sit back, grab a drink and let's chat all things fitness, food and friendship <3

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Personal trainer confessions sounds like I'm doing something wrong.

Instead, I'm just being real and sharing those real truths with you! For example, why muscle ups are sucking the life out of me and why I'm going to hyperventilate for the love of science! Plus more, listen in and then head to for more fun.

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Who doesn't love the thought of doing cool flips, handstands and tricks? Awaken Gymnastics Studio Co-Owner, Crystal Hatch fills us in. Gymnastics for adults is making an impression and we're talking all things gymnastics today. Learn why every single person would benefit, how to get started, and basic tips on moves like handstands progressions and more. 

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