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I get a lot of questions on how to stay fit when dealing with an injury like a broken bone or surgery. Assuming you've been giving the okay to workout, here's how I navigate injuries and stay fit when recovering.

Oh, and I just broke my toe so this is fresh!

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Macro coach and Crossfit athlete, Amanda Manders, breaks down macro counting. Who's it for, who's it not for? How to break free of today's diet culture, as well as muscle building tips, new training outlooks and more. 

Plus, let's chat broken bones, Spongebob, yard work and more. 

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Blender Bomb founder, Helen Hall shares her passion on creating a successful health and lifestyle brand. What was her ah-ha moment, why she gives away her recipes and how to discover your sweet spot for life and passion. 

Also... we talk beaver butts. Listen in. 

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I am a self proclaimed kitchen junkie. I love my appliances! But I hate spending money on things that don't live up to the hype. So let's hit a very controversial topic...

Air fryer or Instant Pot? If you can only have one, which would it be?

I have the 5qt Gourmia fryer.

I'll also answer your questions... will I ever have a nutrition product? How to tell if something is all natural? Current squat training and more!

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Even if you already love kettlebells, you should listen to this episode to fall even more in love. Also find out what's normal and what's not when you get started.

After the training 411, I dive into answering your questions: 

What's the advice I give but have a hard time following?
Do workouts ever cause tension between Dan and myself?
How's the gut healing?

And more! 

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