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I'm dropping in solo today so share some thoughts, emotions and a few coughs on how to deal with poor races or fitness outcomes. Some things you can control, others are out of your hands. Let's have a heart to heart as I allow my a-type personality to get a reality check! 

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In this week's episode, Alex and I share our most recent workout PLUs we answer some tough (and awesome) workout questions.

How do you go from exercising because you know you need it to a place where you love it? How do you see the results you've achieved to be kind for your body? How do you keep the motivation flowing so that you don't burn out and give up? 

Plus much more! 

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Recently Bonnie had a huge half marathon pr (we're talking 5+ minutes) by doing the one thing you should never ever do! Find out what it is! 

Also learn what the #1 mistake is that we've made and that we see with our female clients on a daily basis when it comes to getting results. 

And finally, we take a little fit quiz with one another to end with some fun.

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Todays episode has Alex and I talking all things needed for us to do our best workouts. The brands we're loyal to, the specific pieces of gear we love and more.

We also share our latest workout together and quiz one another on how well we really know each other. This is a hilarious podcast where we really let lose and give some great tips and suggestions! 

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