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Together these two women have lost over 150 pounds and are hear to share their stories. What was the ah-ha moment that lead each to realizing something HAD to change. Both were athletes, what caused both ladies to gain weight? And what's worked for them to stay motivated, competitive and in the best shapes of their lives?

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In this episode, Alex and I talk about the tricks we use to push ourselves during workouts when we're working out together and alone. Use these tricks with your own workouts. Also get the DL on our goals, how we each approached the 240 Burpee Workout and the taste test results are in for the new Quest Bar Flavor: Blueberry.

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Master StrongFirst Instructor, Coach Karen Smith shares her love of kettlebell training by giving some tips to getting started, tips to improving and what its like to be coached under the top kettlebell guru in the country. 

We also have a passion for staying mentally strong as well as physically strong so excuse us as we dive into how to stay positive when life is tough. 

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In this episode, meet my training partner and workout wifey, Alex. She's strong, hilarious, amazing and I'm thrilled to have her on the podcast today. 

Learn more about both of us as well as our current training goals and workouts!  

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