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Should you eat your placenta? Should you workout? How hard? How often? How heavy to go? Should you eat for two? Should you workout during pregnancy even if you haven't before? Should you wait six weeks after the baby is born to move again?

So many questions, so many awesome answers. Dr. Mary Sterrett, an OB-GYN from MUSC holds back nothing and allows me to ask her anything and everything for you guys in terms of women's fitness and pregnancy. 

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Talk about a fun episode! We hit up some of your awesome questions like: 

Are adult women catty?
Why do people need a "pre-workout" tinkle? 
Is it okay to be competitive while working out?
When did we know it was time to start a business/make a life change?
And more!

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Before your period, on your period, right after your period... when is the best time to go for a new PR and to feel your most energized? It might surprise you to learn! 

Also, Ashley and I turn our attention to the exercise that has beaten our ego time and time again... muscle ups. We're setting goals and want you to help keep us accountable. Plus, we want to help you!

And more. We talk StrongFirst disappointments, workouts, and so much fun girl talk. Listen in and if you love it, leave a review on iTunes!

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Progress isn't always linear when it comes to fitness. In this episode we discuss our latest competitions or attempts to compete and how to deal with disappointments when you expected more from yourself. Plus, learning when it's okay to quit. Sometimes it's not better to have tried at all and lost. Sometimes it's just not cool to be last.

Don't worry, there's lots of fun sprinkled in! Like Ashley sharing horoscope talk! Oh, it's good!

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Sit back and let's have a coffee date while Ashley and I talk a lot about food. Mainly, the food challenges we've done (and why) plus the foods we wouldn't touch with a 10 foot pole... and not because we don't like the flavor. Enjoy!

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