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Jill Miller is a mentor I've admired for years and I'm excited to have her back on the show talking about soft rolling, fascia, medicinal advancements in rolling and more. Prepare to learn a thing or two! 

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Every day at lunch, I add 1 oz of liverwurst to my plate and we need to talk about it. What are the benefits of eating organ meat versus traditional muscle meat? What organs specifically? 

We'll also talk about preparing for Crossfit competitions and how I get new clients/leads for my studio and FWW Live. 

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What are muscle imbalances?

How do you know if you any form or muscle issues? 

Is one side stronger than the other? 

And most importantly...

How can you change up your workouts to help balance things out to help improve your mobility, strength, fitness, and movement?

Finish the week with a focused training series to help! 

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If consistency is a struggle with your fitness, I have the best tip! At the end of the day, the only person who can make you move is you. This tip will take the pressure off you and makes excuses non existent.

Plus how to track macros and calories for recipes. Why you have cotton mouth, best core exercises and more! 

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Lots of laughs and honesty in this episode with the amazing Gigi from GigiEats. Her authenticity shines through as she shares her struggle with living without a large intestine, overcoming an eating disorder, and her unconditional love of salmon. 

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So much in one show! 

Tips on how to improve your 5K time. Spoiler: It takes 4 training tools!

Exercises to do and to avoid if you have a vaginal prolapse. 

How to stop shoulding yourself and why it's important!

Workout of the day, cookbook details, and much more! 

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What is fear? Is fear real or something we make up? How often do the things we are afraid of come try and turn out as bad as we expect? 

Let's talk it out with social psychologist Dr. Amy Johnson

How to overcome self doubt and turn your mindset into a positive brain you love.

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Does drinking wine (or any alcohol) affect your body's ability to build muscle? It's a good question with a good answer! 

Where are the best places to buy home fitness equipment? 

Are BCAA's effective for recovery? 

How to find balance between work, family, friends and hobbies? 

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