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You know the saying, there are no such things as bad for you food? There are always foods and sometimes foods? Well, some might not agree with what I'm going to say... that's bs. 

Let's stop making excuses about our diet and be real. Here's the real deal with good foods, sometimes foods and bad foods. 

Do you agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree? Let me know.


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Ready for real honest and real deep? My friend Kara is on today for some fun girl talk, laughs and serious life discussions. What it’s like to lose both parents before you’re 30, how to recover, how to be resilient and more.

Plus, what we’re up to in terms of training and goals.

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Today's question and answer is loaded with great topics! 

We'll chat about post hurricane events, avoiding using a tracking watch, how to stay motivated after you've trained for a race or event and more. 

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I'm opening up today to share my ongoing battle with exercising. How I know when too much is too much, how I deal with exercise addiction mentally and physically.

All this while we are currently preparing for Hurricane Dorian to inch close to us. I'm also sharing how we prepare and handle hurricane season.

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