Fit Womens Weekly Podcast

Dr. Isabel Bosso, a certified Physical Therapist shares her training tips on preventing aches and pains from happening. 

Plus, how to handle muscle soreness so you can continue on with your workouts and how to tell the difference between something to push through and something to see your Dr. or PT about. 


Don't be stupdid with exercise. Listen to this podcast for help! 

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Diet bet companies are popping up, Biggest Loser,,, and tranformational contests are every where.

Does getting paid to lose weight help? Is it going to help keep the weight off? 

Learn the 5 reasons why incentives are a bad idea and what can be changed to make them work in your favor.

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Often times we let fear stand in our way of becoming our best selves.

There are really only two types of fear in this world, and you need to know which of the two holds you back.

Discover how to be successful and why you are powerful beyond measure. 

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Today we discuss the importance of clean eating and dirty eating. 

Find out if you're due for a cheat day and why it's going to help you live a healthier, happier life. Even if you're trying to lose weight.

If you find yourself relating to these 7 signs (any of them) go eat some junk today! 

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10 years ago, I would have told you that your workouts were crazy. Not worth the time and likely would have convinced you to do something different.

It's my job to share the best and worst workouts, which is why I've learned to embrace a bit of everything.

How to look at different workouts and how fitness has changed in a decade of being a trainer.

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What would you do if... you had always been the biggest girl in school? 

In this episode, Andrea from ImPerfect Life shares her story of dropping over 160 pounds. It had nothing to do about being a smaller size, and all about living life.

Learn her story, her passion for living life, and her excitement to do cartwheels.

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Today's episode which of course goes with the blog post you can find at, is about the fact that men don't see cellulite. 

It's true. They really don't, unless I guess if there's a bunch of men together and they are just begin mean. I suppose that happens. 

However, with my suit yourself challenge, I got a new bathing suit. I was actually nervous to try it on, but my hubs loved it. It made me feel really great. It's a reminder to stop trying to view myself for any negativity I see and stay positive.

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I always love my confessions of a personal trainer posts. They are a lot of fun. 

First, being real is important and second there are lessons that you can apply to your life so you can get better results, not freak out as much about the crazy state of exercise these days... and of course hopefully have more fun.

In this episode, you'll learn:

How my time is not exactly your time. 

My dirty workout design secret.

Why being nice is often overrated... or is it?

Why I need to also be better than my clients... at least I feel that way.

Why ignoring happens more than you think.

Even if you're not a trainer, there is a lot you can apply to your training and body goals. Remember to do it for fun and everything you want will happen.

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We have a new version of the show. It's not longer called What The Fitness.

Now it's the Lifting Revolution Podcast. You know, just like my blog. How about that. It makes a little too much sense doesn't it?

Anyway, Dan and I produce so much amazing content during the week that we never get to share with you on the podcast that for many of the episodes, it's just going to be me talking to you. 

Talk about private and intimate.

This episode is all about how you need to pull away sometimes and be lazy to actually take that next leap in success. 

I'll share with you an amazing weekend Dan and I had that helped pull us away from our work... and it actualy reivigorated us more to work harder and get more done. Being lazy helped make us more productive. Plus it helped keep the marriage fire buring bright.

I would love for you to get in on the conversation at the blog, Lifting Revolution. Come on and join in the fun and learning.

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