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Dr. Courtney Peterson shares her findings on time focused fasting. Does the time of day that you eat affect the amount of fat your body burns? How it stores sugar? What about exercise? When is the most effective time to get your sweat on and how to fuel for it? Listen in to learn about early time restricted eating and more!

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We're going against 90% of the fitness world today as we share the truth.Do you need to watch what you eat? Do you need to balance your Thanksgiving meal? Do you need to workout before or after your feast? No, that's stupid. Listen in as Alex and I share our thoughts on eating for the holidays and why one day isn't going to destroy your waistline.

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If you want to be stronger, fitter, thinner, whatever... something has to change. In order to life a life of growth, you have to be open to changing. Find out how to make that happen on today's podcast. Your warning? This is a very honest and "real" podcast today! Enjoy.

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Today we have my friend and head trainer of my gym, Lynette, here to share her amazing story. Lynette had always been overweight, but after years of feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious decided enough was enough. She worked hard and lost 100 pounds and has kept it off for a decade. What's her secret and what let her to quit her job as a teacher to pursue her a career in health and fitness?

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It's that time of year. Bugs are being passed around and there doesn't seem to be enough vitamin C at the drugstores. For those of us that love to exercise, getting sick can bring us down. RN, Alex helps clear the sick air by giving tips on when you should lay low from your routine and when it's okay to push through, even beneficial. 

Plus, great tips on what to do if you end up sick and want to beat it as fast as possible. We of course share what's going in in life, our most recent workout and some Halloween fun! 


As always, thanks for listening in!

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