Fit Womens Weekly Podcast

This is a great interview with an amazing trainer and woman, Alli McKee. She lives in Baltimore and she's a great trainer. I love her outlook on fitness, exercise, and living. You are going to love it too. 

You are going to learn about finding something that works for you when it comes to fitnes and nutrition too. Nothing is ever going to be perfect but they can be close based on you.

You will also learn about how not to fall into the trap of following the crowd and doing something just because it's expected or becuase it's the hot new things. This goes with all things like fad diets, paleo, vegan, and even workouts like crossfit, yoga, running, etc...

You can do this by keeping things fresh and doing more fitness classes or getting outside of the classes altogether and doing things that fitness trains you for. Learn to use your body and your new found strength for things outside of the actual exercise class.

Finally, you'll learn that exercise is for more than just your body. It's for your mind and soul. This is something that takes a little longer to find, but you will discover this feeling when you keep working out.

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