Fit Womens Weekly Podcast

Oh dear. Hold on because Dan is back on the show with me. Sure, he can be a pain sometimes, but it's much better to bring in that conversation and alternatve view.

We'll need it this episode because it's all about the craziness of fitness and (in this case) weight loss in the news.

You'll learn why the Fit Bit and other fitness tracking devices are leading more people to gain weight, not lose it. 

How you should track your fitness if you really want to get some meaningful data out of it. 

How your view of exercise and movement impacts how much you eat afterward. This is closely related to those fitness devices. 

Why exercise might be more important than the food you eat when it comes to weight loss. 

Plus a lot more. I would love to hear from you so make sure you visit the blog and leave some comments. 

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