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Motivation comes to us all differently and I love that my client/friend, Carol shares what motivated her to get into the gym and take her fitness to a level she didn't know was possible. 

It wasn't her size, an event or a vacation... fear motivated her and it's an important lesson. Tons of fun fact bombs about to go down in this episode. 

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Let's catch up on training, the upcoming Live Your Fitness Retreat and more specifically on whether or not burpees are worth the time and effort and "pain" it takes to do them. 

I was given an article with quotes from Scarlett Johansson's trainers saying they're stupid. So let's do this, I was asked my opinion and thought it would be a fun topic. 

Interested in the retreat? Email me and I'll send the link to all the fun details! 

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Today's podcast is because of you! Thanks for your questions. 

Does intermittent fasting effect my strength workouts?
How did I get started with kettlebells? 
What's up with Ashley?
Do I listen to music during workouts?

I'm also sharing my workout from earlier this week because it killed me. You can thank me later!

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It's finally time to share my experience with MAPS Anabolic from the guys at MindPump. Did I see results, do I recommend it, and what's it all about?

Sal episode: Ep 139

I also share how it's been being without my pup for a week, Memorial Day shenanigans and getting back on track with nutrition and fitness after hard times. 

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Today's podcast is as real as they get. Let's play catch up on life, travel and my latest Live Your Fitness Retreat. We start with all the fun stories and events then I share the hardest day of my life... 

Saying good bye is never easy but I never thought it would be this hard. I'm sorry as I get emotional in this episode talking about my dog, Zoe. She deserves a shout out and I want to thank everyone for the love and support.

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This past weekend I did my first dualathlon of 3 rounds of:

1 Mile Swim & 1 Mile Run

This race definitely falls in my top 5 hardest races and I can't wait to share. 

Then, let's finish it off with vacation chat. How do 2 personal trainers navigate vacation when it comes to fitness and nutrition?

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Trainer truths are dropping today. I want to share some of the biggest lessons I've learned from over a decade of being a trainer. Where I went wrong and right. 

But first, I can't wait to share the recap of the 2019 Citadel Bulldog Challenge. Spoiler: my all girls teams won! 

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I love sharing real life stories from you guys! Today I'm sharing a client, Jennifer's story. She grew up battling weight issues only to find she can stop the fight, stop the yo-yoing and take control.

30 pounds lighter, stronger than ever and gearing up for her 1st big race, she's sharing her story. 

Plus, as a pharmacist, we get into medicine talk.

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Today's listener questions are awesome, thank you. Keep the questions coming, I love hearing from you.

Why most people shouldn't track their macros. But if you do, how should you properly measure food?

Why are foods labeled "macro friendly"? Do they have certain traits?

What is MAPS Anabolic and why am I doing another strength program?

Is it possible to eat too much fiber? 

And more! 

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This weekend is my birthday. To celebrate, I'm sharing 35 fitness lessons, fun facts and tidbits to help me dive into another year while thinking about how far I've come and where I might be going. 

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If you love to be inspired and learn a few new things too to help you on your personal journey, you’ll love this episode.
I’m talking with my friend Aubreigh about her recent weight loss of over 20 pounds in 8 weeks and how she found a passion for picking up heavy things and turning it into a challenge to train for her 1st power lifting competition. 
Listen to be entertained, inspired and educated as I learn about her training and journey!
More from Aubreigh:
Stay connected and stay training:
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Today's Q&A is so fun, thank you for the questions and I hope you walk away with a new brain wrinkle of knowledge.

Let's cover:

How many calories should an active woman eat?
How can you push harder in a workout? (Water getting in the way?)
How to avoid binges?
How to start kettlebell training?
And more!

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Cassy is one of the happiest female entrepreneurs I know. Scratch that, one of the happiest people I know. When she agreed to be on the podcast, I screamed like a girl because I was so excited to get to know this woman more, learn from her and help you too. 
We talk about her passion for bugs (yup), making changes to clean up your life and nutrition, how Cook Once, Eat All Week was born and the principles behind it to make healthy eating and prepping more exciting and also healthy skin care. Why what you put on your face matters and where should you start?
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Have you seen Free Solo yet? If not, watch it! Not only for the amazing accomplishment of Alex Honnold but also the lesson he shares, "Good enough, isn't good!"

Let that marinate.

I'll also share the most common training mistakes I see from newbies and how to correct them. And rest days, what does a rest day versus an active rest look like? Plus more!

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Thanks to all your questions, we're doing another Q/A today because I want to to hit on everything you asked recently!

-How to up your calories? 
-What courses/books/podcasts am I currently digging?
-How did I handle my recent acne outbreak in 2 weeks?
-The best spray oils?
-Why I'm tracking my macros?
-New business updates!
And more!

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I asked and you delivered. Today's episode is curtesy of listener questions. Thank you! 

We'll cover: 

How many days should you workout and should you take more rest days as you get older?
Are Swerve, Monk Fruit, & Stevia okay to use?
What to do if you're ALWAYS hungry?
How did I get started on my heath journey to lose 40 lbs?
And more!

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I want to talk all nutrition today! From the Plan Smart Eat Clean Program launching soon, to why I think elderberry saved me from getting as sick as my husband. 

We'll also talk about the 5 essential tips to follow to be successful with changing your nutrition up AND what's more important... diet or exercise to see results?

Ready to train hard? Avoid slumps and get results!

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At some point, most women deal with an unhealthy relationship with food. Whether it's dieting, binging, over exercising, over journaling, etc.

Health coach & friend, Jessica Beran joins me to open up about our personal struggles and successes to become stronger to overcome unhealthy food habits.

Was it easy, nope. But it's possible. 

Previous episodes with Jessica:
Ep. 148
Ep. 102

Let's connect:

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I wanted to call this episode, "I don't want no quinoa!" after part of our chat, but thought it was more important to call it was it was. An important talk that isn't talked about enough.

Chrissy King is a trainer, powerlifter and writer. I'm excited to have this woman on today to share her story about finding her spot in the fitness world and the adversity she deals with every day being a woman of color in a not so color dominated field.

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The last 3 months of 2018, Alex and I completed the MAPS Strong Program from MindPump. This has been my MOST requested podcast to date. 

You guys want to know all the details of the program, what we saw from it and if we'd do it again? 

You might be surprised, you might not. Listen to hear about my experience with this heavy (and advanced) weight lifting program.

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It happened... I watched 1 video and it clicked! On my second attempt, I got my muscle up. I should say it took 2 years but you'll learn what changed in the show.

The announcement of the Live Your Fitness Retreat
What books am I reading? What classes am I taking? 
What's 1 exercise I would do for ever?
How to start working out with kettlebells?
And more!

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Happy 2019! It's been a hot minute thanks to being sick and Christmas. But we're back in business with big goals planned for the year. We're going to chat why resolutions are actually a great thing, how to set them up correctly AND the 19 in 19 challenge that I'm doing and would love for you to partake. 

19 things you want to do in 2019. Big and small. There is no wrong but it's fun to give more purpose and be more intentional with the time we have.

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