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This is a fun episode of What The Fitness with just Dan and I. During this conversation we talk about a bunch of different things like...

Why one of our clients, Sherry, is going to be a major weight loss and strength success story. She does something that most women are not willing to do, but it's a good example of what it means to want it really badly. I think you'll learn a lot from Sherry and how she is approaching her weight loss efforts. 

We also talk about why women find guys with guitars more attractive and the gym going guy the least attractive. Plus why verbal motivation is not as effective as you would think when it comes to exercise. However, there is more to this story than you know. 

I really hope you enjoy this weeks episode of What The Fitness and make sure you check out Lifting Revolution for more great fitness and nutrition training and advice. Plus join me at Fit Women's Weekly for weekly workouts and an real training environment so you can burn fat and keep it off forever!

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