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Today we'll chat about the downside of fitness trackers like Fitbits and Apple Watches. For some, they're great. But for some, they can be harmful and lead to an unhealthy obsession.

That was me.

Also: plateaus and what is considered normal weight loss? How do you know if you're in a plateau? 

And more.

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Today's episode is a Q/A format with some great questions: 

What does it take to be certified by RKC for kettlebells?
When is the best time to eat carbs? Carbs and workouts? 
Do I suffer from body image? How to cope.
How to increase the weight you use with kettlebells or dumbbells.

Plus, macro counting talk.

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How you breathe during a workout dictates how you fast you run, how strong you feel, and how many rests you need to take. 

How should you breathe during workouts? It depends on if it's a cardio based workout or weight lifting. We'll talk about both.

Plus, what's the right recovery stance? 

Workout of the week and more! -- Info on FWW Live

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Celeste Harrington, self-worth coach and mindset maven shares important tips for staying positive, on track and focused on your goals. 

You are not a failure. This episode is important for anyone who ever doubts themselves or feels they can't make their fitness, business, or life goals happen. 

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11 common myths that even confused a lot of personal trainers... including me. Let's clear some fitness up so you can be on a path to successfully hitting your goals.

Plus, a what I eat in a day to fuel 2 workouts a day and stay feeling strong and energized. How much protein? Fat? and more!

Plus, my favorite workout I want you to try this week.

Let's chat:

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Spoiler: It's okay to rate your effort as a 9 or 10 if you worked out hard!

What do detoxes do, are they good for you and which should you consider. I'm going real honest here!

Plus... the definition of fit. Are you fit? This episode will let you know.

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The final episode of 2020. After a quick recap of our mountain Christmas and hiking get away... we're going to talk fitness.

- What does being fit mean?
- 7 Tips to be more consistent with fitness as we move into a new year.
- Setting goals and a word for the year.
- And more!

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Having a hard time eating enough calories?
If you know you're under eating, how can you break free and start fueling your body properly? 

Current Events: When a race says they are taking safety precautions but clearly lied... do you leave the race or run faster to get away from everyone? 

And finally get the details on the challenge at

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Great ready for an episode full of holiday fun and tips!

First... My thoughts on Peloton. Is it worth it? The pros and cons from a trainer. Will I ever own one and would I recommend it?

I want you to make January feel like a win, so we're covering 7 mistakes made with resolution making and how to set up for success.


- 6 Tips for a healthier holiday season
- How to improve your pushups

Comeback Challenge:

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How much exercise do you need to balance out sitting for hours a day? Research has finally figured this out and we're going to chat it up.

Plus, WHO released its first workout update in 10 years on how often, how long, and what kinds of workouts are best for longevity and health. And the recommendations are awesome.

For more on the NY Comeback Challenge:

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How have I recorded 300 episodes of FWW Podcast? It goes without saying, but thank you. Thank you for listening and being a part of my life.


A quick look back over the podcast. Favorite guests, episodes and why my husband can't be on the show.

Best tips for shin splits

Killer burpee workout

Comeback Challenge:

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Today is big with nuggets!

  • Is it okay to take a week off from weights?
  • The 2021 Comeback Challenge is open for registration at!
  • A killer total body metcon challenge (see below)
  • Caffeine talk? How this might actually help you hit new fitness PRs. The truth about caffeine and how much helps and hurts.

Workout: 10 Rounds
7/7 Strict DB Presses #35
Run 150 m
5/5 DB Snatches #40
Run 150 m back to start


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This episode has several nuggets...

  • How to eat healthy on Thanksgiving (and the day after)
  • 3 Ways to be instantly healthier
  • How to find motivation to workout when it's cold
  • 2021 Comeback Challenge 
  • 5K race recap during a pandemic

For more head to or follow along at

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I asked and many of you delivered, thank you.

To celebrate the month of November and the last leg of 2020, I wanted to forget about the chaos, stress, and negativity that this year has brought to so many and instead focus on the lessons and positive experiences.

I asked for you to share your feel goods, and those that did, thank you. This was my favorite episode to record and I hope you walk away feeling a bit lighter and happier.

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We'll talk about how you can finish this year off on a strong and happy note. How can you set yourself up for success as we move into 2021?

Plus, the year of the comeback... the biggest challenge I've ever done and you're the 1st to know about it.

Oh, and I made bread! FINALLY. This is huge. Tips on sourdough.

And finally... is something actually better than nothing? Let's talk this one out!

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In this episode, Kindal shares 8 tricks to boost the intensity of your workouts, especially if you're working out alone at home. 

Pushing yourself outside your comfort zone is crucial if you want results, so listen up. :) 

We'll also cover new recipes, a super quick Crossfit Games recap and the mini-Atalanta workout I did to celebrate an awesome event.

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I'm going to sound insane when I say abs aren't made in the kitchen.

Sure, food is important to how your body looks, but there is an element that is just as important and we're talking about it today. I'll share my favorite ab exercises and the real deal about core training.

Plus, my skincare routine that's been keeping my face cystic acne free for almost a year.

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These are the secrets it's taken me 36 years to learn that help cut through the BS of what's healthy and what's not when it comes to food.

Some you may know, some may be new to you and refreshing to hear. I hope all 12 help.

If you're interested in joining my Finish Fit & Fueled, email me Kindal(at) or DM me on Instagram @TrainerKindal.

Would love make healthy eating easy. 

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If your glutes aren't firing, does that mean your butt doesn't work? Let's talk glute activation, what it means and how to get your booty working properly.

Plus, the FWW Live Sweaty Selfie Contest (go to and the awesome kettlebell swag.

I won a fitness challenge...
How to cook okra and more! 

Follow daily at

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What makes 5 small communities so much healthier than the rest of the world? 

Today we're talking the Blue Zone Solution by Dan Buettner and what makes centenarians live a long and happy life. Details about their diet and day to day actions for longetivity.

Plus we'll have coffee talk about vacations and mammograms.

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I'm currently walking on a trail on the sound side of Kitty Hawk in the Outer Banks and sharing my vacation tips with you.

Why I do and don't workout on vacations, how we eat to feel great but enjoy the splurge of vacay AND... after 10 years of wedding bliss... 

Here's my marriage advice. Hope you enjoy this short but loaded podcast. If you do, let me know!

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This past weekend was the Live Your Fitness Mountain Retreat. I'd love to share the recap of hiking 3 epic trails: 

Looking Glass Rock
Mt. LeConte
Grandfather Mountain (via Profile Trail)

Plus, the food, the activities, the group and the amazing sponsors. In fact, if you listen before Sept 18th, enter to win an entire swag bag at

This trip was amazing!

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Strange but true title. Even though I am not a "runner", I know a ton about running and am answering your questions plus sharing my history and why I no longer label myself as a runner.


  • Fitness & Labels
  • Waking up to a new mindset
  • Fitness Retreat
  • Breathing while running
  • Increasing mileage
  • Why I think running is essential for fitness
  • And more!

If you enjoy, let me know! And follow along at

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Today I'm joined by friend and client, Tamara Buschel, aka: 

She shares her story of being a healthy, fit woman one day, to be practically paralyzed the next with a neurological autoimmune disorder, Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

She shares her story of recovery, strength and passion. Plus, balancing life as a mom to 4 crazy kids!

Hope you enjoy.

Connect with Tamara:
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In a few weeks, Dan and I are going on our first vacation in years. It happens to also be our 10 year anniversary. What was my first reaction for a beach vacation? Gotta get in vacation shape. Let's talk this one out. I think you can relate.

Plus, 6 tips to instantly make home workouts harder to push past your comfort zone and get stronger, fitter and results!

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Gran a cup of coffee, can of La Croix, or glass of wine and have some fit-loving girls chat. 

  • Are waist trainers beneficial? 
  • How to shift from wanting to be thin to wanting to be strong and have muscle?
  • My healthy secret family granola recipe
  • Favorite leggings
  • Favorite current food obsessions


PaleoPro Bone Broth Collagen
Right Rice
Sir Kensington's Garlic Sauce
Perk Energy

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For months, I've been trying to keep my head above the water. Trying to keep a gym afloat, starting a new business, adulting, and working out 8+ times per week... I crashed and burned.

Here's a life update on shingles, stress and holistic ways (diet) I tried to recover.

I'm also answering some fun questions on what shoes for what workouts... and why challenges are a good thing!

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If you only listen to one episode of the FWW Podcast, make it this one.

Annie O. Love is a Charleston native who is stronger than any woman I've met. 7 years sober and the owner of a thriving cafe sharing her passion for wellness through food and cookies... this woman is nothing short of amazing.

Listen to be inspired and uplifted.

For more on Annie: and

Love the episode? Let me know:

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Aiming to hit goals in a day or wanting to be perfect with your nutrition overnight (or life) isn't going to happen. 

Let's talk it out and figure out how to handle imperfections to move forward with motivation.

Also Q/A:

The #1 piece of advice I've gotten this week
Skin care & night time routine
Brazilian waxing 
Work flow changes since Covid
Jacque's update

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Today I'm joined by my client and friend, Jacque. She's sharing her personal health journey to lose 100 pounds and discovering along the way that the scale isn't the source of success.

Her increases in fitness, strength, and health are. Each week is a new PR, a new realization on what she can accomplish and the biggest mindset change? 

Exercise and {mostly} eating healthy isn't about losing weight and quitting. It's a life long journey that she's now hooked on.

Want to work with me?
Visit or email

Thanks Jacque!

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This is a special episode as we do a deep dive into kettlebells. The history, the different training methods, the anatomy and more.

The 411 On Kettlebells:

  • Kettlebell history and methodology
  • What to expect when starting and how to handle the growing pains
  • Proper progression and basic skills you MUST learn
  • Best brands, additional equipment, and more!

Enjoy and come swing some iron with me at!

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Today I'm answering questions on fitness and nutrition... like which is better: eating fruit or eating grains for carbohydrate?

I'm also sharing details my ultimate 4th of July workout and the upcoming Summer Shred challenge which you can learn more about at

Other topics covered:

- Cardio isn't the devil

- How to handle an unhealthy spouse

- My current workout training

And more!

Join me for the 2020 Shred by visiting and getting the details. Things kick off July 20th.

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Today is special because after years of asking, Dan (my husband) is on the show.

We talk about how we started Fit Womens Weekly, why he wanted to build a women's fitness business... his past with fitness and what fitness means to him.

Spoiler... we workout for different reasons! We also share our passion for what we do and give an update on the new FWW Live studio.

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Brittany Strother joins me to today (she was on episode 204) to discuss growing up as a black woman, how she's raising her daughter, what we (I) can do to better educate and be a part of change, and more. We cover a lot and I hope you enjoy!

While some people might have a hard time asking these questions, these are the questions we need to ask to grow and learn.

Thank you Brittany! Check her out at:

Find out about FWW Live at

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Three weeks ago, I started taking Ashwagandha. I researched adaptogens, specifically Ashwagandha and decided it was worth a try to help balance my hormones while on oral birth control.

Here's the 3 week update plus a quick lesson on adaptogens and the researched benefits of taking Ashwagandha.

We'll also chat fitness, excuses, and catch up on life. Enjoy (and subscribe)! 

I use: GoldynGlow "Calm" powder. 

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It's lighthearted, it's fun, and it's a way for us to learn more about one another. Today, my good friend Erin, is interviewing me and asking me questions I've never talked about on the podcast.

From fitness to food to the realities of working with your spouse, I'm an open book and covering it ALL. 

If you enjoy, please make sure to subscribe and review. And check out more on Erin at

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Talking about pushups or proper squat form feels so trivial at the moment and I can't do it. Instead, I want to talk about love, growth, and acceptance. Yes, I'll talk about exercise but first, let's talk about what matters... #blacklivesmatter

FWW Live Details:

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This episode has multiple parts but mainly focuses on 2 topics:

Getting out of this period of time with a more positive mindset and my personal story of exercise addiction. I address my struggles with food too, but that will have to be part 2.

I hope this helps and resonates in some way to provide love, support and motivation.

FWW Live

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If you're on the pill is there anything you can do for hormone health/balance? If you're pre-menopausal? Trying to get pregnant? Just trying to be healthy?

We're going to cover it! And what to do for STRESS hormone balance! I've already started a regiment that Dr Westie share with ashwagandha.

Finally, what's with soy and dairy? Get the scoop.

Get more from Dr. Westie:

Ready for FWW Live?

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When social distancing began, there were tips left and right on how to transition smoothly and handle the stress. But what about transitioning back into "normal" life? 

You're allowed to feel all the feelings, and I'm sharing mine! Even the guilt of being a gym owner.

Plus, the truth about going sugar free and more.

Interested in FWW Live:

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We're still walking and talking! But something crazy happened right before this walk that shook me up and inspired an important PSA!

Then we get to normal business... the FWW Live studio is off to a great start. What's the #1 thing to focus on if you want to get a pull up eventually? And if your sugar cravings have been out of control, you're not alone. Here's how I'm handling it.

FWW Live Trial:

Have a great week!

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The walk and talk episodes continue. On today's walk, we'll talk about the changes I've accepted during this weird self isolation time. I'm becoming someone friends are asking, "who are you?" and it's the best.

I'm sure I'm not alone on releasing stress through relaxing on nutrition and even changing up my lifestyle.

Let me know your thoughts. And are you changing during this pandemic at all?

Interested in the virtual studio? EMAIL me at

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Some very different but important topics based on questions you guys asked this week. Keep the questions coming.

  • How can you make sure the iron you eat is absorbed?
  • With walking becoming more popular than ever, is it weird to have muscle soreness and tightness from just walking?
  • BCAAs... what are they and do you need them?

And of course, we'll catch up on life.

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Get ready for some science and math as we break down how to turn home workouts into training sessions that take your fitness to the next level for strength and definition. If that's your goal.

It is possible to get results with less weights, you just need to know some easy math.

Let's also chat about being a small business owner, current day in the life, and answer your questions.

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Happy Birthday to me! As tradition, I'm sharing the greatest life lessons I've learned (often the hard way) from my 36 years on this planet.

Life lessons on love, fitness, self care, and general day to day living... these are the 36 rules I now try to live by. 


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Work Life balance, it's hard! It's even harder when you aren't breaking things up by going to different designated spots for activities. You go to work to work, you go to the gym to workout... this helps mentally get things done.

So let's talk about how to stay on top of work and fitness when you're doing it ALL from home.

We'll chat cardio equipment, truth about home workouts, and more.

Join the TTF workouts on Facebook, search "This Time Fitness Members Forum"

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Note: Our studio is now closed since the recording.

Have you found yourself turning to food for comfort? It's normal and you're not alone. Here's how to handle it! 

Is your physical strength and endurance hitting a wall? That's normal too. Don't fret, let's talk it out.

Plus, a fun Q&A from you guys! Stay safe. 

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It's a weird time, enjoy this weird podcast as I navigate important Corona Virus fitness tips your way and work on staying on track! 

A few things... think to lower intensity of workouts for a healthier immune system. Why and how! The 411 on being a small business owner right now and the realness behind it all.

Plus, Adam from Nutsola is sharing his passion for healthy food, fuel and movement!

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What's the difference between CBD and Full Spectrum Hemp Oil? Is it really helpful and in what ways? 

Adriaan, co-founder of NED breaks it down, shares his passion for The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty & reveals the 3 pillars of life we should know and can relate to.

And finally, who's Ned?

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You do great all week long with your fitness and nutrition and then Friday comes around... happy hour, date night, Netflix and ice cream: Can you slow or even reverse the results you worked hard for from the week?

Listen to find out!

Also... getting mentally confident after injuries and more.

Love this episode? I'd love to hear from you! Let's connect on or

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Should you train your chest? 

Are pushups, dips, and bench press okay for women to do? Apparently, there was someone going around telling women they shouldn't. Here's the answer and tips on getting stronger.

How many calories should you eat? How do you figure it out?

And finally, someone asked what my definition of success is. We'll dive into that one and I want to know how your definition.

Direct download: how-many-calories.mp3
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Let’s chat like two friends sitting at a coffee shop, because if you were here, I'd def want to grab a coffee.
I’m letting go of all my frustrations and stresses today as we talk about handling injuries… why chronic back pain flares up, how to manage pain, rest, and focus on correcting the overall issue not just the real time pain.
And how is acne and back pain related? STRESS.
What can you and I do to decrease the stress in our lives even when things are at their most stressful? 
Let’s chat and then make sure to subscribe, leave a review, and email me with questions, topics or if you’re interested in private coaching.
Thank you for the girl talk! <3 
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I'm answering a listener's question about getting more toned. Is it better to lean out via diet to get your muscles to pop more or should you start lifting more and eating more to gain more muscle? But will that add fat instead of toning up?

I'll also talk protein and why it's the #1 macro nutrient and the stupidity behind the Crossfit keto diet fad (that isn't real). 

For coaching, email:

Direct download: lift-or-diet.mp3
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When Rosella first came to my studio, I had no idea the woman I meeting and how inspiring she would be for me. She’s done it all and continues to do more.
At first, she mentioned she was stopping the carnivore diet. I thought, “Interesting, I might want to talk to you about your experience on my podcast.”
Then, she mentioned she was training to hike Mt Kilimanjaro. 
Next, she casually mentioned she had owned a goat farm and sold homemade goat milk soap.
Then she told me she had been a paramedic and fire fighter.
Oh and now she’s my esthetician and massage therapist. And client, who’s lost over 25 pounds and growing every day a new passion for fitness, health and powerful mindset.
Yup, I needed her on this podcast! Get ready to be inspired. <- Rosella
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Why are all lists always the best of. What about worsts? Today, I'm sharing my favorite things in terms of fitness, supplements, foods, and more. Plus, my worst things. 

We'll also chat about the biggest mistakes women make when wanting to change their bodies whether with weight loss, fitness, and more.

Have a question?

Direct download: favorites-and-least-favorites.mp3
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Let's break it all down to establish realistic expectations with fitness and body goals.

How much weight can you realistically burn per day, per month, etc? How long will it take you to hit your goal? The science, the math, the real answers.

What about if you just want to add muscle? How long will that take? You're about to find out.

Don't be disappointed if things don't happen at Amazon Prime speed. Set yourself up for success and long term rewards.

Direct download: realistic-results.mp3
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Today's episode has a little for everyone... 

  • How to modify workouts and deal with chronic back pain?
  • Want to get back into working out but feeling lazy? Here's how to get going! 
  • What's the one daily habit I refuse to ever give up no matter how busy life gets?
  • The best hack about returning Amazon Prime?
  • When should you go up in weight?
  • And more!

Direct download: spine-modifications.mp3
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It's a question and answer kind of day. We'll talk:

  • How to cut back on sweets after going ham over the holidays.
  • Are 200 calories of cake the same as 200 calories of broccoli?
  • Do fitness trainers follow their own programs?
  • Best butt exercises?

And more! 

Follow along at or email


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Happy New Years! Let's chat about resolutions. Are they something you make and are they something you should avoid?

Everyone says something different. I'll breakdown how to make resolutions work for you and maybe give you the green light to avoid them. Each person is different and it's important to figure out what works for you. Hopefully, I'll help!

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The ups, down, growth and goals over the past 10 years have been all over the place. Today, let's take a look at the successes and failures over the past decade when it comes to my body, businesses, and life. 

Plus, the mindset shift that's taken place from being 25 to 35 and more. Hopefully this will inspire you to look at your decade of growth!


Direct download: decade-of-growth.mp3
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Planning on making big goals for 2020? Today's podcast will set you up for success by sharing the biggest mistakes people make when going for big fitness/weight loss New Year's Resolutions and how to go into the year with a great plan of attack.

Plus, Geno Palate macros, holiday updates and more! 

Make sure to subscribe and leave a quick review! Happy Holidays! 

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Happy December! What better way to kick off the holiday month than to discuss how to actually handle the holidays, your diet and fitness. 


The gift list idea for the fitness freaks in your life. 
The difference between Hiit & Metcon workouts
Is your nutrition getting a little too strict? Here's my response.

Plus more!

To chat fitness, visit For nutrition? Hit me up

Direct download: hiit-vs-metcon-holidaygifts.mp3
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Why is women's health so hush hush? I want to break that down and make hard issues easier to talk about. This episode means a lot to me and should you too.

Today, Dr. Danielle Jones (Mama Doctor Jones) talks about miscarriage truths; is birth control really terrible for you long term; AND what about fitness during and post pregnancy.

Check Dr. Jones out on Youtube.

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After several attempts, I finally hit a new half marathon PR, and the funny thing about it was that I trained half as much as I did previously for races yet felt the most confident I have ever felt at the starting line.

How? What was different about training and how did I cut off over 90s from my previous PR. 

I also answer some great questions for you guys. Thank you! To get your question answered on an upcoming episode, DM me

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I'm joined with Srdjan from Crossropes to talk all things jump roping. Why it's a great exercise, what to look for in a rope and how to either get started (even if uncoordinated) or improve your jump rope game.

This isn't sponsored, I just love my jump rope and wanted to share the freaking awesome benefits of grabbing a rope. 

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I've recently talked about exercise addiction and anxiety. They are tightly connected and often when anxiety is high, my addiction is too. But what happens when your health obsession keeps you from truly living... keeps you from hanging out with friends and causes anxiety at the thought of overindulging? 

You're not healthy any more. 

Let's get real together as I share my journey in hopes it helps you.

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Dr. Sherry, the creator of GenoPalate (, lets me geek out as we talk DNA, genes and nutrition. Why doesn't one diet work for all of us?

Your DNA may help you take your health to the next level and instead of trying a new fad diet, learn once and for all how you should fuel your body to feel your best. 

Prepare for nuggets of science info!

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It's time to relive one of my favorite weeks of the year! Last week, I took a large group of women to the mountains to live their fitness. We hiked over 35 miles, drank wine, laughed a ton and battled nature.

I always wanted to share how I found my love of being in the mountains and where my outdoorsy passion stems from. I hope you enjoy.

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I also want to send a big thank you to each and every sponsor that helped make this retreat the best one yet.

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Today is a great Q/A episode. Thank you to everyone who submitted questions and keep them coming in.

What are my thoughts on Popsugar Workouts?
What's the best coffee drink to order and how to track it?
How to balance strength and running? 
What I wish I had known when I started running? 
And more!

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Gasp. I know, I know... normally I would be telling you to toss the scale. Don't use it, don't trust it, don't look at it. But NOT all the time. It might just be the tool some women need to help get on track, to help them see where they are (or aren't) and more.

Plus half marathons... why I try to stay in shape to always be able to run 13.1 miles, training tips and more.

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You know the saying, there are no such things as bad for you food? There are always foods and sometimes foods? Well, some might not agree with what I'm going to say... that's bs. 

Let's stop making excuses about our diet and be real. Here's the real deal with good foods, sometimes foods and bad foods. 

Do you agree? Disagree? Agree to disagree? Let me know.


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Ready for real honest and real deep? My friend Kara is on today for some fun girl talk, laughs and serious life discussions. What it’s like to lose both parents before you’re 30, how to recover, how to be resilient and more.

Plus, what we’re up to in terms of training and goals.

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Today's question and answer is loaded with great topics! 

We'll chat about post hurricane events, avoiding using a tracking watch, how to stay motivated after you've trained for a race or event and more. 

Have a question?

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I'm opening up today to share my ongoing battle with exercising. How I know when too much is too much, how I deal with exercise addiction mentally and physically.

All this while we are currently preparing for Hurricane Dorian to inch close to us. I'm also sharing how we prepare and handle hurricane season.

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What happens when you realize you're fitness isn't as great as you thought? It's humbling and you can either accept it and work on it or just stay working on what you're already good at.

Let's chat about it.

Plus, sugar detox challenges, workout tips, kettlebells and more.

Thanks for hanging out!

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Listen in to hear the best ways to modify core moves so you can work to get stronger. Getting a stronger core is different than working on a 6 pack and I'll chat about those differences today.

Also, here's a 7 minute workout challenge I'm sharing and updates on our dream to move West. 

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Listen in to hear the best ways to modify core moves so you can work to get stronger. Getting a stronger core is different than working on a 6 pack and I'll chat about those differences today.

Also, here's a 7 minute workout challenge I'm sharing and updates on our dream to move West. 

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Jen, Aka Rumblebumm on Instagram, joins me today to talk about the unrealistic expectations women face today on social media. What can we do and what's it really mean to love your body.

Is loving your body an excuse to make unhealthy, okay? Let me know your thoughts. 

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Listen to learn what it takes to really get toned, tight and strong. From training tips, to specific workout requirements, to what food you need, this episode is important to learn the basics for building some strength and muscle for women. 

We'll also cover upcoming challenges, life updates and more.

To connect, follow or email at to send in questions or podcast topics. 

Thanks for your support!

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I get a lot of questions on how to stay fit when dealing with an injury like a broken bone or surgery. Assuming you've been giving the okay to workout, here's how I navigate injuries and stay fit when recovering.

Oh, and I just broke my toe so this is fresh!

Thank you for your support it means a ton. Let's connect on Instagram at 

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Macro coach and Crossfit athlete, Amanda Manders, breaks down macro counting. Who's it for, who's it not for? How to break free of today's diet culture, as well as muscle building tips, new training outlooks and more. 

Plus, let's chat broken bones, Spongebob, yard work and more. 

Connect with Amanda @SimplyMander and

Connect with Kindal and

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Blender Bomb founder, Helen Hall shares her passion on creating a successful health and lifestyle brand. What was her ah-ha moment, why she gives away her recipes and how to discover your sweet spot for life and passion. 

Also... we talk beaver butts. Listen in. 

More from Helen at and

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I am a self proclaimed kitchen junkie. I love my appliances! But I hate spending money on things that don't live up to the hype. So let's hit a very controversial topic...

Air fryer or Instant Pot? If you can only have one, which would it be?

I have the 5qt Gourmia fryer.

I'll also answer your questions... will I ever have a nutrition product? How to tell if something is all natural? Current squat training and more!

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Even if you already love kettlebells, you should listen to this episode to fall even more in love. Also find out what's normal and what's not when you get started.

After the training 411, I dive into answering your questions: 

What's the advice I give but have a hard time following?
Do workouts ever cause tension between Dan and myself?
How's the gut healing?

And more! 

I'd love your thoughts and feedback. Make sure to follow me on for daily tips to help you go between podcasts!

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Recently, my gut has been on a journey. It’s been flipping all around and causing me to be uncomfortable, bloated, gassy, and a few pounds heavier than normal. 
Why? What’s going on? It took me 2 weeks to figure it out and 4 days to get it fixed. Here’s what happened, what I did and what I will do moving forward to reset my belly health.
We’ll also do some Q/A! Favorite OCR races, thoughts on Whole30, mobility training and more. 
Follow along daily on insta (@TrainerKindal) to stay in the convo.
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Motivation comes to us all differently and I love that my client/friend, Carol shares what motivated her to get into the gym and take her fitness to a level she didn't know was possible. 

It wasn't her size, an event or a vacation... fear motivated her and it's an important lesson. Tons of fun fact bombs about to go down in this episode. 

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Let's catch up on training, the upcoming Live Your Fitness Retreat and more specifically on whether or not burpees are worth the time and effort and "pain" it takes to do them. 

I was given an article with quotes from Scarlett Johansson's trainers saying they're stupid. So let's do this, I was asked my opinion and thought it would be a fun topic. 

Interested in the retreat? Email me and I'll send the link to all the fun details! 

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Today's podcast is because of you! Thanks for your questions. 

Does intermittent fasting effect my strength workouts?
How did I get started with kettlebells? 
What's up with Ashley?
Do I listen to music during workouts?

I'm also sharing my workout from earlier this week because it killed me. You can thank me later!

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It's finally time to share my experience with MAPS Anabolic from the guys at MindPump. Did I see results, do I recommend it, and what's it all about?

Sal episode: Ep 139

I also share how it's been being without my pup for a week, Memorial Day shenanigans and getting back on track with nutrition and fitness after hard times. 

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Today's podcast is as real as they get. Let's play catch up on life, travel and my latest Live Your Fitness Retreat. We start with all the fun stories and events then I share the hardest day of my life... 

Saying good bye is never easy but I never thought it would be this hard. I'm sorry as I get emotional in this episode talking about my dog, Zoe. She deserves a shout out and I want to thank everyone for the love and support.

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This past weekend I did my first dualathlon of 3 rounds of:

1 Mile Swim & 1 Mile Run

This race definitely falls in my top 5 hardest races and I can't wait to share. 

Then, let's finish it off with vacation chat. How do 2 personal trainers navigate vacation when it comes to fitness and nutrition?

Like? Let me know!
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Trainer truths are dropping today. I want to share some of the biggest lessons I've learned from over a decade of being a trainer. Where I went wrong and right. 

But first, I can't wait to share the recap of the 2019 Citadel Bulldog Challenge. Spoiler: my all girls teams won! 

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I love sharing real life stories from you guys! Today I'm sharing a client, Jennifer's story. She grew up battling weight issues only to find she can stop the fight, stop the yo-yoing and take control.

30 pounds lighter, stronger than ever and gearing up for her 1st big race, she's sharing her story. 

Plus, as a pharmacist, we get into medicine talk.

I'd love to know your biggest lessons too! Feel free to connect at

Have a question or show suggestion?

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Today's listener questions are awesome, thank you. Keep the questions coming, I love hearing from you.

Why most people shouldn't track their macros. But if you do, how should you properly measure food?

Why are foods labeled "macro friendly"? Do they have certain traits?

What is MAPS Anabolic and why am I doing another strength program?

Is it possible to eat too much fiber? 

And more! 

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This weekend is my birthday. To celebrate, I'm sharing 35 fitness lessons, fun facts and tidbits to help me dive into another year while thinking about how far I've come and where I might be going. 

I'd love to know your biggest lessons too! Feel free to connect at

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If you love to be inspired and learn a few new things too to help you on your personal journey, you’ll love this episode.
I’m talking with my friend Aubreigh about her recent weight loss of over 20 pounds in 8 weeks and how she found a passion for picking up heavy things and turning it into a challenge to train for her 1st power lifting competition. 
Listen to be entertained, inspired and educated as I learn about her training and journey!
More from Aubreigh:
Stay connected and stay training:
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Today's Q&A is so fun, thank you for the questions and I hope you walk away with a new brain wrinkle of knowledge.

Let's cover:

How many calories should an active woman eat?
How can you push harder in a workout? (Water getting in the way?)
How to avoid binges?
How to start kettlebell training?
And more!

Hope you enjoy the show. If you do, make sure to subscribe & leave a review. <3

Let's connect at or

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Cassy is one of the happiest female entrepreneurs I know. Scratch that, one of the happiest people I know. When she agreed to be on the podcast, I screamed like a girl because I was so excited to get to know this woman more, learn from her and help you too. 
We talk about her passion for bugs (yup), making changes to clean up your life and nutrition, how Cook Once, Eat All Week was born and the principles behind it to make healthy eating and prepping more exciting and also healthy skin care. Why what you put on your face matters and where should you start?
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Have you seen Free Solo yet? If not, watch it! Not only for the amazing accomplishment of Alex Honnold but also the lesson he shares, "Good enough, isn't good!"

Let that marinate.

I'll also share the most common training mistakes I see from newbies and how to correct them. And rest days, what does a rest day versus an active rest look like? Plus more!

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Thanks to all your questions, we're doing another Q/A today because I want to to hit on everything you asked recently!

-How to up your calories? 
-What courses/books/podcasts am I currently digging?
-How did I handle my recent acne outbreak in 2 weeks?
-The best spray oils?
-Why I'm tracking my macros?
-New business updates!
And more!

Leave a review and follow along at

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