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Tina Muir, retired professional runner, opens up on what led her to lose her passion for the spot and how she made the decision to step back. Years of intense training has led Tina to lose her period.

We open up on our personal struggles and what's she is doing to gain balance and health for her body so she can begin the next journey of her life. This podcast is perfect for all women. We can all relate.

Get more at and head over to for show notes and training support. 

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Of all the podcast I have done, I don't think I've ever done one on creating a fitness business, let alone talked about being a female entrepreneur. But that's exactly what is happening today. 

Ashley Drummonds, creator of Abs Protein Pancakes, shares her story of being a personal trainer and working her butt off to deciding to spread her passion in a new way. By making pancakes. 

What's the process to create a company? What is the #1 piece of advice for someone thinking about starting their own business? What's the hardest part? The best resources? And more!

It was a privilege to talk with this woman and I think one of the most useful and inspiring podcast to date. Make sure to check out and head over to for show notes and more!

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This week I turn 33. Oh man, just yesterday I was turning 30 and now I'm IN my 30s. It's a rough one. But let's celebrate life and fitness. I'll share my latest and greatest finds, workouts, and tips. While also answer your questions. Like what's the best thing to use to help speed up weight loss? What about caffeine? And more!

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Surround yourself with the best if you want to become the best. Kelly Manzone shares her recent experience at the Arnold Classic with kettlebell competition and mace demos. Plus, we talk aging. What's different when working out in our 30s versus a decade ago? What to keep in mind, how to progress, and how to take a chill pill. Plus much more. This lady is amazing! 

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My workout wifey, Alex is back! And boy do we have some things to fill you guys in on. Alex catches us up on her wedding (it will be here before we know it) and we fill you guys in on the insane version of 17.3 we did to fit our training.

Plus, pull-ups and more pull-ups as we have vowed to complete 40 every day of Lent! Sit back, grab a drink and let's chat all things fitness, food and friendship <3

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Personal trainer confessions sounds like I'm doing something wrong.

Instead, I'm just being real and sharing those real truths with you! For example, why muscle ups are sucking the life out of me and why I'm going to hyperventilate for the love of science! Plus more, listen in and then head to for more fun.

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Who doesn't love the thought of doing cool flips, handstands and tricks? Awaken Gymnastics Studio Co-Owner, Crystal Hatch fills us in. Gymnastics for adults is making an impression and we're talking all things gymnastics today. Learn why every single person would benefit, how to get started, and basic tips on moves like handstands progressions and more. 

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So much good catch up talk today! Right now, we're in a social media craze where we are being pushed to love our bodies as they are. And while that's great, FANTASTIC, it doesn't mean we have to accept our bodies. Today I share my own struggle with stress and body changes and how I'm going to be tweaking a few things to help return my body to it's "happy state". We will also talk Crossfit Open! 

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What's the secret to seeing results? How do you break through plateaus? I get this question a lot and I'm sharing today the "not so secret" secret that can help propel you forward with your training. Enjoy!

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No, I didn't drink the Crossfit Juice, but Jessica Beran did. This masters athlete has made it to regionals multiple times and offers a ton of insight in the Crossfit Open. Plus we chat about her current hiatus from the sport after be stuck on the sidelines from overtraining and under recovering. 

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Get your head out the gutter! In this episode, learn 10 ways to show yourself love and respect. You can't be completely loved if you don't love yourself, right? We'll also chat about assessment workouts, all things stress and body "puffiness" and more. Listen in to celebrate our 101st podcast!

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Listen in as I answer some of the most intriguing and important questions regarding your fitness and nutrition. Are fitness trackers good for estimating weight loss? Why are you feeling drained at the start of a race? Is the InstaPot worth the $$? And more!

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What's really going on in the head of your trainer? On today's show, I have friend and fellow trainer, Lindsay Wright on to share our most honest trainer confessions. What we love most about our jobs, why we can't count to safe our lives and we may even eat crap... more often than you think.

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Yoga and mobility guru Jill Miller shares her passion and knowledge on the importance of trigger ball therapy. What makes Tune Up Balls better than traditional foam rolling? How can you get started and what's the trick to keep going once you  do? Plus... did you know trigger balls may just help keep you looking youthful and wrinkle free?

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Alex and I are sharing up our latest and greatest workout with you and then going straight into what we really love... food talk! Chime in as we talk about food rewards. Why rewarding yourself with food gets you no where and how to handle cravings during "strict" nutrition times. Plus updates on our goals!

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The Speedgoat, Karl Meltzer, shares his passion for live, adventures, and trail running. Karl recently completed the entire Appalachian Trail in record and shares his drive, tips, and passion with us. What motivated him to go for this a third time? Get the lowdown here! And perhaps you'll be inspired to try something outside of the norm, something that right now makes you nervous or intimidates you. 

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Sit back and hang out with Alex and me. Today we ring in 2017 by sharing our goals, our first workout of the year and our favorite highlights from our holiday hiatus. Our biggest challenge yet, the 21 day sugar detox kicks off this week and we would love to have you join us! 

Learn more about our goals, why we're kicking the sugar to the curb, and the best cookbooks of the year. Happy 2017! 

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This one gets personal, passionate, and maybe a bit opinionated at times. But it's a good one. Alex and I share our thoughts on trying to start a family and dealing with the thoughts of how our bodies could be changed forever and if we'll ever be able to get in shape post pregnancy... that is if we both can get pregnant. Plus a lot of holiday chat. 

Side note... neither of us are pregnant at this time!

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Lisa Van Ahn is a world class athlete and inspiration to women of all ages through her I Am Initiative. You are more than a job, you are more than a title. Lisa shares how to find your passion and drive in order to build strength and self love. 

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Dr. Courtney Peterson shares her findings on time focused fasting. Does the time of day that you eat affect the amount of fat your body burns? How it stores sugar? What about exercise? When is the most effective time to get your sweat on and how to fuel for it? Listen in to learn about early time restricted eating and more!

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We're going against 90% of the fitness world today as we share the truth.Do you need to watch what you eat? Do you need to balance your Thanksgiving meal? Do you need to workout before or after your feast? No, that's stupid. Listen in as Alex and I share our thoughts on eating for the holidays and why one day isn't going to destroy your waistline.

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If you want to be stronger, fitter, thinner, whatever... something has to change. In order to life a life of growth, you have to be open to changing. Find out how to make that happen on today's podcast. Your warning? This is a very honest and "real" podcast today! Enjoy.

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Today we have my friend and head trainer of my gym, Lynette, here to share her amazing story. Lynette had always been overweight, but after years of feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious decided enough was enough. She worked hard and lost 100 pounds and has kept it off for a decade. What's her secret and what let her to quit her job as a teacher to pursue her a career in health and fitness?

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It's that time of year. Bugs are being passed around and there doesn't seem to be enough vitamin C at the drugstores. For those of us that love to exercise, getting sick can bring us down. RN, Alex helps clear the sick air by giving tips on when you should lay low from your routine and when it's okay to push through, even beneficial. 

Plus, great tips on what to do if you end up sick and want to beat it as fast as possible. We of course share what's going in in life, our most recent workout and some Halloween fun! 


As always, thanks for listening in!

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I'm dropping in solo today so share some thoughts, emotions and a few coughs on how to deal with poor races or fitness outcomes. Some things you can control, others are out of your hands. Let's have a heart to heart as I allow my a-type personality to get a reality check! 

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In this week's episode, Alex and I share our most recent workout PLUs we answer some tough (and awesome) workout questions.

How do you go from exercising because you know you need it to a place where you love it? How do you see the results you've achieved to be kind for your body? How do you keep the motivation flowing so that you don't burn out and give up? 

Plus much more! 

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Recently Bonnie had a huge half marathon pr (we're talking 5+ minutes) by doing the one thing you should never ever do! Find out what it is! 

Also learn what the #1 mistake is that we've made and that we see with our female clients on a daily basis when it comes to getting results. 

And finally, we take a little fit quiz with one another to end with some fun.

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Todays episode has Alex and I talking all things needed for us to do our best workouts. The brands we're loyal to, the specific pieces of gear we love and more.

We also share our latest workout together and quiz one another on how well we really know each other. This is a hilarious podcast where we really let lose and give some great tips and suggestions! 

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Together these two women have lost over 150 pounds and are hear to share their stories. What was the ah-ha moment that lead each to realizing something HAD to change. Both were athletes, what caused both ladies to gain weight? And what's worked for them to stay motivated, competitive and in the best shapes of their lives?

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In this episode, Alex and I talk about the tricks we use to push ourselves during workouts when we're working out together and alone. Use these tricks with your own workouts. Also get the DL on our goals, how we each approached the 240 Burpee Workout and the taste test results are in for the new Quest Bar Flavor: Blueberry.

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Master StrongFirst Instructor, Coach Karen Smith shares her love of kettlebell training by giving some tips to getting started, tips to improving and what its like to be coached under the top kettlebell guru in the country. 

We also have a passion for staying mentally strong as well as physically strong so excuse us as we dive into how to stay positive when life is tough. 

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In this episode, meet my training partner and workout wifey, Alex. She's strong, hilarious, amazing and I'm thrilled to have her on the podcast today. 

Learn more about both of us as well as our current training goals and workouts!  

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Today's guest is my husband and partner, Dan. Being a trainer himself, we talk about our current goals and how we try to inspire our clients to set their own goals and take action. 

What are we currently working on together and why has it taken so long for us to record a podcast? It's all explained here! 

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Heather Faas is an amazing powerlifter and friend. She shares her recent adventure of going to The Arnold. What it felt to be in the room with Arnold, what could have been different with training and how she'll improve to lift heavier. Plus how to overcome being a little "different" compared to other competitors. Not quite having "the look". All women should listen!

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Stop The Thyroid Madness author, Janie Bowthorpe, shares her passion and knowledge regarding thyroid and adrenal health. Specifically as it relates to overtraining and fitness women women.

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Personal trainer and life motivator, Bonnie Lang talks fitness, living her fitness and finding a balance mentally and physically. It's okay to not give fitness 100% effort. Find out why Bonnie has changed the way she looks at fitness and her body. 

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Heather Faas is a ranked bodybuilder with something to prove. You can be strong, very strong and still look feminine and beautiful. Find out how this mom of 2 found strength lifting and what she does to get in competition shape.

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How are you supposed to simply wake up and love your body? You're not. Bonnie and i share our struggles and how our views on our body image have changed over time. What ah ha moments have led us to accepting our bodies while not allowing us to stay stagnant. 

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Ashton and I sit down to discuss whats holding us back and what we could do different to improve. Basically, we want to be good at so many things we're not good at anything. Here's what we're doing to correct it. It might help you!

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Kristen from Bearfoot Theory shares her passion for adventure and living her fitness by sharing her John Muir trip. How can I prepare as we plan to tackle the 215 miles this year. 

What happens when you don't shave, wash your hair and look at just one person for days on end? How does the trail inevitably change you to appreciate life more? 

It's all here!

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Jens Jakob Andersen is a competitive runner and satistician behind the website After compiling thousands of race splits, his research discovered some crazy facts about running when it came to opposite sexes.

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Dr. Rania Mekary, a Harvard Researcher, shares her findings on a 12 year study in which she sought to find which was better for the waist circumferance: weight training or cardio?

Also learn more about natural muscle loss and how to prevent it. Why working out causes you to eat more? And what is the best way to test your body for improvements?

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Corinna Coffin isn't your normal college senior. She placed 2nd in the World Spartan Race Championship after being in the sport for less than a year. 

A true athlete with the coolest personality, Corinna opens up about her training, nutrition, boyfriend and more. It's like sitting down to coffee to catch up with a friend. 

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Rob, owner of Sizzlefish joins us today to discuss all things fish and nutrition.

Why should you eat fish instead of taking an omega 3 supplement? 

What's the difference between wild and farmed fish? 

What health benefits can you expect and how often should you enjoy a fillet? 

And finally the very important... 

Why is salmon pink? Question is answered! 

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Trainer and nutrition expert, Krissy Mae Cagney is my special guest today discussing proper workout nutrition, weight loss nutrition and more. What is so special about some proteins, why and why shouldn't you use supplements? 

Gnarly brand ambassador and owner of the fitness brand Doughnuts and Deadlifts, Krissy Mae is a source to listen to. Fun and extremely informational!

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Oh dear. Hold on because Dan is back on the show with me. Sure, he can be a pain sometimes, but it's much better to bring in that conversation and alternatve view.

We'll need it this episode because it's all about the craziness of fitness and (in this case) weight loss in the news.

You'll learn why the Fit Bit and other fitness tracking devices are leading more people to gain weight, not lose it. 

How you should track your fitness if you really want to get some meaningful data out of it. 

How your view of exercise and movement impacts how much you eat afterward. This is closely related to those fitness devices. 

Why exercise might be more important than the food you eat when it comes to weight loss. 

Plus a lot more. I would love to hear from you so make sure you visit the blog and leave some comments. 

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Why are we so afraid of a little muscle? What's holding us back, as women, from getting the body we want and the strength we need to be independant and strong? 

Find out on this podcast as I explain the different levels of strength training, where you should be, and how to train so that you will not bulk up. 

No bulk! 

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Dr. Isabel Bosso, a certified Physical Therapist shares her training tips on preventing aches and pains from happening. 

Plus, how to handle muscle soreness so you can continue on with your workouts and how to tell the difference between something to push through and something to see your Dr. or PT about. 


Don't be stupdid with exercise. Listen to this podcast for help! 

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Diet bet companies are popping up, Biggest Loser,,, and tranformational contests are every where.

Does getting paid to lose weight help? Is it going to help keep the weight off? 

Learn the 5 reasons why incentives are a bad idea and what can be changed to make them work in your favor.

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Today we discuss the importance of clean eating and dirty eating. 

Find out if you're due for a cheat day and why it's going to help you live a healthier, happier life. Even if you're trying to lose weight.

If you find yourself relating to these 7 signs (any of them) go eat some junk today! 

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Today's episode which of course goes with the blog post you can find at, is about the fact that men don't see cellulite. 

It's true. They really don't, unless I guess if there's a bunch of men together and they are just begin mean. I suppose that happens. 

However, with my suit yourself challenge, I got a new bathing suit. I was actually nervous to try it on, but my hubs loved it. It made me feel really great. It's a reminder to stop trying to view myself for any negativity I see and stay positive.

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I always love my confessions of a personal trainer posts. They are a lot of fun. 

First, being real is important and second there are lessons that you can apply to your life so you can get better results, not freak out as much about the crazy state of exercise these days... and of course hopefully have more fun.

In this episode, you'll learn:

How my time is not exactly your time. 

My dirty workout design secret.

Why being nice is often overrated... or is it?

Why I need to also be better than my clients... at least I feel that way.

Why ignoring happens more than you think.

Even if you're not a trainer, there is a lot you can apply to your training and body goals. Remember to do it for fun and everything you want will happen.

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We have a new version of the show. It's not longer called What The Fitness.

Now it's the Lifting Revolution Podcast. You know, just like my blog. How about that. It makes a little too much sense doesn't it?

Anyway, Dan and I produce so much amazing content during the week that we never get to share with you on the podcast that for many of the episodes, it's just going to be me talking to you. 

Talk about private and intimate.

This episode is all about how you need to pull away sometimes and be lazy to actually take that next leap in success. 

I'll share with you an amazing weekend Dan and I had that helped pull us away from our work... and it actualy reivigorated us more to work harder and get more done. Being lazy helped make us more productive. Plus it helped keep the marriage fire buring bright.

I would love for you to get in on the conversation at the blog, Lifting Revolution. Come on and join in the fun and learning.

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In today's episode, Dan and I talk about some recent revalations from big food companies. 

Maybe you've seen these in the news. You'll learn why the Kashi brand was caught making a little fib about their "nautral" products. 

Plus you'll learn about an ingredient that Pepsi and Coke use to use, but no longer because they are trying to be "nice" to the consumer... ie. us.

We also talk a little about exercise and how to get the most out of it. 

And a lot more. I hope you really enjoy this episode.

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Today's podcast is another "book" review/rant about facing your fears. 

It was actually a tough podcast because Dan and I got into big ideas and we actually struggled to get them into action steps you can use. 

I think the reason is we fail constantly at this even though we seem to try in sperts to improve. 

Facing fears and moving forward. 

It's a skill you will always need in life, in health, family, business, you name it. 

I hope you get some little piece of gold out of this that can help you. 

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In this episode of What The Fitness, Dan and I talk about a book Dan recently read called The Motivation Hacker. 

It's all about success and keeping yourself up so you can hit your goals and do so as quickly as you can.

This is not your typical goal talk... these are new fresh ideas like:

The Motivation Equation. It's an equation that can help you evaluate anything you're doing in life and figure out how to approach it with more motivation.

How you can use success spirals to create small goals that not only help you hit succeed faster, but help you practically eliminate failure.

How you can tackle big goals like weight loss from a direction that gets you so pumped up you'll be 100x more likely to succeed.

Plus a lot more. 

This was a great book. It was a fast read and the ideas are really helpful for more than just fitness and nutrition.

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This episode might make you a little on edge. After all, Dan and I talk about emotional eating. Having a guy talk about it can be tough to hear, but he does bring up some really good points to think about.

You'll learn about a book we've read called The Thin Woman's Brain. It's main about emtoinal eating and you'll learn:

The number one thought that can save you from eating like crazy when you don't want to.

The nine traits that naturally skinny women have when it comes to food.

How eating more can actually be less.

Why cavemen probably didn't famine like so many people want to say they did.

Plus so much more that should get you talking and give you a lot to think about.

Direct download: what-the-fitness-56.mp3
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Today's episode is a really fun one. We talk about some very interesting studies that have been recently published. 

You'll learn why your BMI may not be the best measure of health and even downright deceiving.

A great study that looked at whether you should do cardio training before strength training or visa versa. This is a big debt among trainers and now you'll get the truth.

We'll dubunk some water myths and recap water truths that can really help you lose weight.

Plus a possible new sugar substitute has been found and it not only controls your blood sugar levels, it can help supress your appetite.

Then we'll talk about some fitness training ideas that can help you get better results from your workouts. 

For example, you'll learn why you need to really focus on strength training and how it can help you not only lose weight, but help you enjoy your favorite foods without knocking you off your goal path.



Direct download: what-the-fitness-55.mp3
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In this episode of What The Fitness, it's another "In The News". There are a lot of really cool studioes and stories that have been released lately that we thought deserved an episode.

You're going to learn about:

The new nutrition labels and what could make them a million times more helpful.

Why too much protein gives you cancer, but then again... does it really?

How much attitude affects pretty much everything you do, everyday of your life.

The rise of the fitness robot and why the president might know your heart rate.

Plus so much more fun topics. 

We get a little fired up in this episode and I hope it gives you some good food for thought so you can make better decisions that help you be healthier and stronger!

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This was a fun episode all about our recent kettlebell certification in San Francisco. This is something we are really excited to bring to our lives and our businesses. 

You'll learn in this episode:

Which certification we choose and why... Plus the great people behind it.

Why if you're interested in kettlebell training, you should seek out a certified professional.

The common mistakes we see all the time with kettlebell training and how to fix them.

Which kettlebell brands we like and which will save you money so you can get started on your own today.

Direct download: what-the-fitness-53.mp3
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This was a fun episode to do. I hope it doesn't come off as self rightous, but I'm always asked about things I eat... workout with... use... etc...

So this episode is all about Dan and I's favorite things when it comes to nutrition and fitness. 

I hope you learn about different types of workouts... options... and products that can help you lose weight or get more fit.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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This episode Dan and I drill into something we have talked about briefly in many other podcasts... tracking. 

We talk about all sorts of different forms of tracking like:

The fitness tracking bracelets. We actually just got Jawbones and we'll tell you want's been happening with those.

What's the real benefit of workout tracking and how can you actually do it quickly.

The secrets to nutrition tracking and why you don't have to do nearly as much as you may think.

Why you should track all of your time for a couple weeks to a month.

How you can nearly instantly free up 6 to 30 minutes of time... plenty of time you can use to workout.

What apps do we use to help track and get the most from our daily lives.

Plus a lot more. 

I hope this episode really helps you discover how tracking and get you out of a weight loss plateau or training rut... even living rut... and put you on the path for serious positive results. 

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This was an interesting podcast with lots of back and forth. It's 15 days into the New Year... 2014... and maybe you've seen some great results first, maybe not.

If you're freaking out about a lack of results of not happy with what's going on so far, this podcast will help. It's sort of like a weight loss reality check.

You'll learn things like... 

Why the scale sucks and maybe hurting your efforts.

Why MyFitnessPal could be misleading you in the wrong direction... and how to fix it.

Why you may have to step back and get some perspective on the big goal.

Why your mind may be the missing ingredient in your weight loss efforts.

Why how well you go to the bathroom could have a huge impact as well.

Plus so much more. 

These are all great thoughts to think about and to help you get reset in a more positive direction.

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This episode, Dan is back with me and we are relaxing and talking about some of the stories that have been hitting the media lately. 

The New Year is always really crazy with stories about weight loss, fitness, workouts, nutrition, food, and so much more. So we thought we'd talk about it, share some insights, hopefully get your insights, and see what we can learn.

You'll learn why obesity seems to be growing faster and faster and what can we possibly do to help slow it down.

Why Instagram is dishing out insanely fit and big booty women and whether that's something that's motivating or not.

How dieting is not so popular anymore.

Plus some of the biggest fitness trends for 2014. These are all predictive of course, but it does seem like a lot is going to be changing in the new year.

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This episode of What The Fitness is all about the New Year. However, Dan and I thought about new ways to think about getting in shape.

We came up with ten good ideas that are different slants on how to approaching being healthy... about how to get in the best shape possible... and so much more. 

You'll learn...

Why you should stop thinking about losing weight altogether.

Why calories have nothing to do with the health of food.

Why how intense your workout is means nothing when it comes the effectiveness of your workout.

Why the key to success in 2014 should be to scare yourself silly.

Plus so much more. I really hope you enjoy this episode.

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So you may or may not have heard the news about how much more it costs to eat healthy. It's been all over the main news channels, so I'm sure you heard.

In light of this big dollar amount, we thought is appropriate to give you some great ways you can add more healthy food into your diet for much much less than the so called "experts" say.

You'll learn the "P" word that holds all the power... it's completely revolutionized out weekly food budget. In fact when we don't follow it... everything falls apart.

You'll learn a grocery shopping trick I use to save anywhere from $10 to $30 per week in groceries. $30 obviously being on the high end.

You'll learn how a few small and simple decisions can give you enough money to buy all the organic food you need.

Plus so much more. 

I hope this episode of the podcast helps give you at least one good tip you can use to add a higher quality of food into your daily diet.

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Last week we talked about how to get started now, before the Holiday season really gets kicked off. 

This week it's all about how to create a fitness plan from complete scratch so you can easily get going and work to build that healthy fitness lifestyle. It's a lot easy than you think... follow these 8 steps and you'll be there in no time.

You are going to learn why you should just forget about food... at least for the first 4 weeks.

You'll learn the best type of workout to get your started and why it's so effective.

Discover the one type of "exercise" that's a must and how it doesn't have to take long at all to do.

The one piece of equipment that you should go out and buy today. Super important.

Why you need to take some time to reflect about your goals... if you don't do this then getting started probably isn't even worth it.

And of course the one things that's probably the most important. It's one of the reasons to get started in the first place.

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This is a really important podcast episode for so many of us. The Holiday season is amazing... I love it. But at the same time it also drives me crazy. It's stressful... it can be a little overwhelming... and temptation is everywhere. 

That's why Dan and I think today... or tomorrow... the day you're listenting to this is the perfect day to start a fitness program so you can get in killer shape... shed some body fat... and feel amazing through the Holiday season. 

Even better you'll be sitting pretty on News Years day feeling and looking great. Sounds pretty good right. 

Well to do that, you need to know these 7 tactics to really unleash the best fat melting mission you can. 

You'll learn things like how to set goals... what books you should probably take a look at... where to train... plus so much more.

I hope you really enjoy this episode and please leave some feedback.

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Dan, my husband, is back in this episode. We catch you up on things happening in our fitness lives including cool things we've read and have done. 

In particular, you will learn about a new study that shows the young generations of today are less competitive. What does that mean if anything?

We also talk about the great six pack bet. However, this is not like any six pack bet you've seen before because the parameters are much different than you would think. I like to call it the empowering six pack bet.

We talk about testing on our bodies. Right now we are in the middle of a nutrition test. Experimenting on your body is a great way to learn how it reacts and what you can do that will really make a difference. 

I hope you enjoy this episode and please leave a five start review in iTunes.

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It's About Fitness First - Random Dan and I Conversations

This was a talk that Dan and I did last weekend. We really enjoy talking together as always we end up talking about all sorts of things. I swear, we try to stay on one topic but then it just goes all over the place.

In this episode we talk about our recent paddleboard expidition... our first time trying stand up paddleboarding. 

We also talk about giving things up for the short term but they not sticking with something that is really good for you.

What our favorite oils are.

And of course what we've noticed with clients both in person and online... that fitness first tends to produce better long term results when it comes to weight loss, strength, and happiness.

I hope you enjoy this episode. 

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It's been so long since Dan and I had a good conversation together. We have decided that when we talk now, we'll keep our conversations to one topic rather than go all over the place. I hope this helps you get your training in a better place so you can see better results.

In this episode, we talk about getting started with bodyweight training, when it's good to move to weights and maybe even kettlebells. 

I think this is all about thinking about training differently and to give you some good ideas about how to progress safely and how you don't really need to progress to weights if you want to. But you'll see what we mean.

Enjoy the episode!

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This episode is one of those random shows where we cover all sorts of different stuff. Our guest is one of our trainers, Ashton. She's an amazing trainer, great motivator, and hyper competitive which is powerful. 

As you'll see she has a lot to say and you will probably relate to her immediately. 

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This is a fun episode of What The Fitness with just Dan and I. During this conversation we talk about a bunch of different things like...

Why one of our clients, Sherry, is going to be a major weight loss and strength success story. She does something that most women are not willing to do, but it's a good example of what it means to want it really badly. I think you'll learn a lot from Sherry and how she is approaching her weight loss efforts. 

We also talk about why women find guys with guitars more attractive and the gym going guy the least attractive. Plus why verbal motivation is not as effective as you would think when it comes to exercise. However, there is more to this story than you know. 

I really hope you enjoy this weeks episode of What The Fitness and make sure you check out Lifting Revolution for more great fitness and nutrition training and advice. Plus join me at Fit Women's Weekly for weekly workouts and an real training environment so you can burn fat and keep it off forever!

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This past episode was a longer one and crazy to boot. We talked about all sorts of great things and let the fitness and nutrition conversation go free. We talked about body image a lot including breast augmentation. My husband Dan had some views that are different so forgive him. Ha! 

One thing that was really important was talking about not eating enough food and how that can hamper your ability to lose inches and weight. This is a very common problem for women and fixing it can open the flood gates to better results. 

I hope you enjoy this fun and revealing episode of What The Fitness. Make sure you subscribe and give us a 5 start rating. Also check out for more great information regarding strength training, fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and having fun leading a healthy life!

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Forced Exercise, Taylor Swift and Diet Coke, Plus What A Calorie Really Is

In this episode of What The Fitness, you're going to learn the truth about what a calorie really is. Is a calorie a calorie or is is not? Plus we'll talk about Taylor Swift and her endorsement of Diet Coke. And we'll talk about being forced to exercise and if it's a good thing for you. Enjoy this episode and please rate our podcast.

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This is a really fun interview with Adrienn Banhegyi. She is literally the best jump roper in the world. Watch her skills and your mind will be blown. Besides her amazing jump rope skills, she has important training tips to share which can help you and your personal ability. Enjoy this one... she is a great woman!

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In this episode of What The Fitness brought to you by Lifting Revolution, you'll learn the hidden trugh behind fast foods secret menus. Plus we'll talk about our recent trials with kettle bells. And finally you'll take a deep look at who you are as we look at who we are. It might just help you live a better healthier lifestyle.

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This was the first episode of What The Fitness. In this episode you'll learn a about workout shirts that glow with the heat of your muscles. Essentially they outline which muscles work. Plus you'll learn about tracking with watches, crazy stuff about a Baby Ruth candy bar, and dealing with excuses and not wanting to workout.

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