Fit Womens Weekly Podcast

It's week 2 of our Real Women Talk series with my friend and fellow fitness badass, Ashley Drummonds ( This week let's talk about trying new things.

It can be tough to try a new gym, form of fitness or even focus on an exercise we're not used to doing often. Trying new can be scary... but guess what? 99% of the time when you're done you'll ask yourself, "What did I have to be nervous about?"

Ashley and I share our own journeys to getting comfortable in the gym... away from the cardio machines! 

Plus, let's talk muscle. And weight lifting. And women. Does lifting make you bulky? It seems this is one concern women still share and it's time we get to the bottom of it!

Hope you like it! For more head over to and follow me on Insta @TrainerKindal 

We have loved doing these so much together, that we plan to continue. So, if you have questions or topics you want to see addressed, shoot me a PM on Instagram or email me.

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