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I am so excited to bring you this episode of What The Fitness. I was blessed to interview and talk with Gabrielle Reece. Of course you know her as a star volleyball player, gorgeous model, and now amazing Mom and wife to Laird Hamilton.

She has so much to share that can help you with not only our fitness training, but your outlook on life, and going through the many changes. You'll learn what is was like for her to grow up on the Virgin Islands and then going to college. This is when she got serious into strength training and when it became a part of her life and so did volleyball. 

Then we talk about modeling and how you would expect that to change the way she trained. You'll have to see what she said about that. I think you'll be pretty shocked. 

Finally, now that she's a little older with three children and a great husband, has her training changed? You'll find out because in many way it has. Plus you're going to learn about her healthy living outlook now which I think you're really going to love. It's not nearly as strict as you might think and her reasons are great. Definitely something to live by and strive for!

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