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Okay, it's no shocker that juice cleanses are all the rage these days. I just got through the Blueprint Juice Cleanse and I have to say it was the best one I've done. Granted I've only tested one other, but this one was great. It had calories, it didn't make me feel like I was going to diet of energy starvation, and the juices tasted great.

In this interview - we don't do any real promotion so don't worry about that - Rather we talk about juicing as a whole. What are the benefits? Can you really lose weight on a juice cleanse, should you do one... should you not do one... all the the information about juicing as a whole. 

It's a great interview and I really want to thank Blueprint for doing this with me. Check them out. I like them. 

If you want more from me, then my blog has it all. Also come train with me every week... 24/7... whenever you want to and melt fat through a great diet and awesome workouts.

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