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This is such a great episode of What The Fitness. I have the privledge of interviewing Miss Zippy of She is a Mom, a writer, and a certified running coach. Plus she's a wonderful woman and good friend. 

In this episode we talk all about running. Miss Zippy is a believer in natural running so we will definitely talk about that. The more you learn about this the better decisions you'll be able to make to help your running and what shoe is perfect for you. 

We talk about training for an event and really go in-depth about how to set it up and do it. This is very helpful if you're a runner that like to do anything from a 10k or above. Gosh, even if you run 5ks and you're new to them, this can help make sure you have a lot of fun and post good times. 

Enjoy this episode and make sure you subscribe and rate What The Fitness on iTunes. If you love it, definitely give us some 5 star love. Thanks so much. Over the next few days I'll be traveling so there may not be any podcasts posted until next week. Make sure to check out and Fit Women's Weekly for training and programs. 

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