Fit Womens Weekly Podcast

Gluten this and gluten that... you can't enter a grocery store or restaurant of any type without seeing or hearing the word gluten. It might be this generations "fat free" kick.

That's why I had to interview the Gluten Dude. In this revealing podcast you'll learn:

What really is celiac disease, what are the symptoms and why does it take so long to really diagnose?

What's the truth behind the gluten trend and is is really legit? Can Gwenyth Paltrow be behind it all?

How the gluten free trend is hurting those people that can't actually eat gluten...

The truth behind the restaurants that serve gluten free foods...

How you can setup a gluten free kitchen for somebody that really has a gluten intolerance.

Plus more really interesting facts about gluten you probably never knew or have been told about.

Make sure you follow the Gluten Dude on Twitter and listen to the podcast with all show notes at Lifting Revolution.

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