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This week’s episode is all about your questions! From fitness to nutrition, I received some awesome questions for you guys that I couldn’t pass on. I hope you enjoy the show and please keep shooting those questions over via Instagram, email or from the website.

Today’s Questions:

What kind of nutrition program am I (and Dan) currently following? Do we follow low carb, high fat/protein diet and what foods do we stay away from in our home for optimal health? (I think this answer is going to surprise you!).

How to workout when you’re recovering from an injury and feeling like you’re lacking on “the burn”? How many sets should you do? How many reps? What kind of weight?

A listener wrote in saying how much she loves MetCon style workouts and has her circuit training days up to 6 but wants to know what to do on the 7th day to round out her week? This is a really important question, so make sure to listen in!

We’re also going to catch up on life and chat about fitness, goals and more! What’s the plan for February’s challenge? It’s all about pushups, so listen in and let me know if you want to join me in my insanity!

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