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We've heard stories about the women who lost their periods due to high intensity exercise, so they cut back for a bit, ate more and voila... period returns. (Listen to Ep 111 for Tina Muir's story). But that's not always the case.

What happens when you cut back on exercise, relax more with food, and nothing happens? No period, no hormonal changes... just frustration and more waiting. That's what's going on for my friend Emma (@healthybalancewithemma). I feel honored that she asked to share her story and the steps she's taken to work for her fertility.

In today's episode she shares everything. What led her to not have a period. How long she waited before seeing a doctor. And the steps she has taken since to try and regain her fertility. Please be kind and share some love as this is a very personal episode and takes a lot of courage to share.

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