Fit Womens Weekly Podcast

It's week 3 of our Real Women Talk series with my friend and fellow fitness badass, Ashley Drummonds ( This week let's talk about nut butter and competitive drives.

We're joined with Mee from Mee Eat Paleo.

I'm especially excited for this episode because I've been very open about my high competitive drive yet I think competition can be scary and gets a bad rap. So today, let's break it down and find out why every single person (man and woman) needs to be a little competitive if they want to get any where in life. 

Plus we share workouts, exercise tips and much more!


Hope you like it! For more head over to and follow me on Insta @TrainerKindal 

We have loved doing these so much together, that we plan to continue. So, if you have questions or topics you want to see addressed, shoot me a PM on Instagram or email me.

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