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Don't Be Negative About Yourself - Dove Soap Ad - And Motivation

This is a fun episode of What The Fitness where we bring my hubby Dan back into the mix. In this episode we talk about how you view yourself and we look at it in two different lights. One from a perspective of being negative and how other women do not respond well to that... but then we also look at this from your own perspective. 

Recently there was a Dove Soap campaing that looked at beauty in a different light. It's a pretty good subject and relates very closely with exercise, nutrition, and the base reasons why you workout.

We also talk about how to get and stay motivated to push yourself. We've talked a lot about this in the past, but this is a little different because we talk about events and do you need some type of even to get yourself motivated. What about you?

Plus there is a lot more great stuff going on. Make sure you check out the blog where we consistently post up taining help like our recent 30 different types of plank exercises. This is a great directory to help you build better workouts. 

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